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Technology & Practice Guide’s Tech Show ’99 Review

While the ABA Techshow ‘99 catered almost exclusively to the big-firm mentality, we did find a few vendors that impressed us with services and products for the solo practitioner and small-firm lawyer. We mention them here, not as an endorsement, but as information for our readers:

• Tabs III by Software Technology, Inc. This is a time accounting and billing system that allows you to do hourly, flat-fee, split-fee, contingency, progress and retainer billing. Its features include a Task Folder that lets you review a report or bill or access data: entry screens with the click of a mouse. There are also new security features. Prices start at $295. For a free demo, contact STI at html or call 800/487-7111, ext. 376.

• Viewbox is a scanning package designed for forensic/scientific photographs and videotapes. If you’re handling product liability or personal injury litigation, you can send your case exhibits to InfoTrax for scanning. The company guarantees it’ll return them in 24 hours. The InfoTrax Viewbox runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 or NT and its images merge directly into Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. For more information, contact InfoTrax at viewpoint or call 610/935-7492.

• Looking for the latest appellate court opinions? There’s a new service called Oliver’s Cases that provides them directly to you. You select the courts whose opinions matter to you and the areas of law you’re interested in, Oliver searches the Internet every day for the latest opinions, organizes them for you, and sends them to you electronically. When new opinions become available, an icon scrolls onto the bottom of your computer screen. Just click on the icon and the screen will popup with a list of new opinions. There are no per-minute search charges. The entire service costs $195 a year. For more information, contact Oliver’s Cases at www. or call 800/946-0158.

• A check comes in and you don’t remember what it’s for. With Juris for Next Generation Systems, you search your data base for billed amounts that match the amount on the check. If the exact amount isn’t there, the system gives you whatever is close. There are lots of other billing and time management apsects. For more information, contact or call 615/377-3230.

• Access your e-mail, calendar, address book and task list all on the same mobile devices using BlackBerry software. Called the BlackBerry Handheld, this wireless device allows you to read, organize, forward and reply to e-mail messages. While you’re away from your desk, incoming and outgoing e-mail is routed through your corporate mailbox and synchronized with your wireless handheld. You can keep one e-mail address as a single point of contact. For more information, contact BlackBerry at or call 877/255-2377.

• Timeslips, always a favorite billing software, has a new Version 9. For more information, contact or call the company at 972/818-3900.

• The Alumni Computer Group is offering a combined time, billing and accounting system called PC Law Jr. You can track appointments, keep time sheets, customize bills, write checks, and run bank balances. At the end of the day, you can check your income statement to control costs and monitor billings. For more information, contact or call the company at 800/387-9785.

• Computers can do a lot, but sometimes you just have to depend on a human being to get the job done. United Parcel Service provides a complete range of guaranteed on-time delivery options. For prices and other information, call 312/942-7712.

• The U.S. Government Printing Office has a free online service of official federal information and locator services via the Internet. Contact or call 888/293-6498. n

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