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T hank You for Making Our First Issue a Success!

We, the editors of the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division’s Technology and Practice Guide, want to thank you, our readers, for your overwhelmingly positive response to our inaugural issue. This publication is a work in progress and we hope that you will find this issue even more helpful and informative. We have devoted considerable time and discussion in an effort to present topics that will help you understand and manage the technology information needed to make decisions for your practice.

Some have questioned the need for Technology and Practice Guide when there are so many outstanding publications already available in print and electronically. My response to them is that there is a need for this magazine for the same reason there is a need for a General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division—to address the specific concerns and questions of solo and small firm practitioners. Technology has become an integral part of the practice of law—from the way you access information and communicate with your clients to the way you draft and assemble documents for filing. And it will continue to be critical to the success of your practice in the future.

To further acquaint you with some of the cutting edge topics in technology today, we have included articles in this issue on subjects ranging from avoiding disasters in the law office and the how-tos of setting up a local area network to encryption and mentoring via e-mail. Of special interest to those of you with busy litigation practices will be the two articles in the Software section of our magazine regarding the document assembly revolution and case management software.

We are again running the fax poll, which we hope you will take the time to complete and return to us. We rely on your input to let us know that we are meeting your needs. Help us make Technology and Practice Guide a publication that you can use to improve your practice and the quality of your work life.

Patricia A. Yevics


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