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SPRING 1998 - VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1    

Business and Commercial Law

Bankruptcy Under Scrutiny

Business and Commercial Law

A Time to Reap... A Dozen Sure-Fire Signs That You're Ready to Retire
James C. Freund

Domestic Relations Law

Making Mediation Work
Harvey I. Hauer

Trial Preparation Options in the Alimony Case
Thomas C. Ries

Estate and Financial Planning

Cultivating a Family Business Practice
Monica G. Mittelstadt

Doing Right by Doing Good: Giving IRAs to Charity
Stephen P. Magowan

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Brokers: Shouldering New Burdens
Ronald Benton Brown and Joseph M. Grohman

Yes, There Is Life on MERS (R)
R.K. Arnold

Trial Practice

Do's and Dont's of Talking to the Jury
Nelly N. Khouzam

Preparing to Destroy Any Expert Every Time
Walter R. Lancaster

Practice Management

Disaster and Contigency Planning: A Practical Approach
Dennis Duitch and Terri Oppelt

How to Keep in Touch with Prospective Clients
Sandy Ramlet

Adminstrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Ombudsman Offices in the Federal Government - An Emerging Trend?
Jeffrey S. Lubbers

Affordable Housing & Community Development Law

Child Care Policy and the Welfare Reform Act
Peter Pitegoff and Lauren Breen

Criminal Justice

Supremes Consider Drug Sentencing, Racial Composition of Juries
Thomas J. Foltz

Dispute Resolution

Using ADR to Resolve ADA Disputes: A White Collar Case Study
Peter David Blanck, Jill Handley Andersen, Eric J. Wallach, and James P. Tenney

Franchise Law The Arbitration Clause as Class Action Shield
Edward Wood Dunham

Health Law

Analysis of the Provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accontrability Act of 1996
Jack A. Rovner

Intellectual Property Law

Beware of Clients with an Inernet Presence: Decision Could Drag Them into an Undesirable Forum
Alan Field

International Law and Practice

Private International Law
Harold Burman


The Evolving Standards of Admissibility of Scientific Evidence
Joseph T. Walsh

Labor and Employment Law

A Map for the Labyrinth: How to Conduct Job Interviews and Obtain Medical Information Without Violating the Americans with Disabilities Act
Teresa L. Clark

Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law

Pollution Control and Sustainable Industry
John C. Dernbach

Senior Lawyers

What Happens When a Lawyer Dies?
Stephen N. Maskaleris and Vivienne K. Cooperman


Protection of Accountant Documents and the Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine
Robb C. Adkins

Tort and Insurance Practice

Attorney Malpractice: What It Is and How Not to Do It
Judith F. Goodman and Sue C. Jacobs

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