General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 15, Number 5
October/November 1998


From the Editor
by jennifer j. rose

The Chair's Corner
by Florencio "Larry" Ramirez

Legislative Update
by E.E. Anderson
J. Michael Jimmerson

The Business of Law
Edward Poll


Child Witnesses
by J. Thomas Dalby

The Child as a Client
by Katherine Hunt Federle

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
by Florencio "Larry" Ramirez

Collecting Child Support from Federal Civilian Employees and Military Personnel
by Joan Burda

Planning an Estate, Protecting a Child
by John F. Thomasset

Special Needs Trusts: Planning for a Child with Disabilities
by Edward D. Beasley


The Fair Housing Act's Protection of Children
by Joshua Van Kampen

The Rights of a Pregnant Woman: Conflicts in the Law
by Philip A. Prygoski

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