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How many times have you found yourself in a conversation with a technophile and had no idea what he or she was talking about? Did you smile and nod, and then extract yourself from the conversation as soon as possible? Lingo, a standing column of Technology and Practice Guide, demystifies the technological terminology that everyone seems to be using with abandon these days, paying special attention to the words and phrases used in this issue.

script: a series of instructions similar to a macro that tells a program how to execute a procedure like logging on to an electronic mail system

macro: a program made of recorded keystrokes and an applicaton’s command language that, when run with the application, executes the keystrokes and commands to accommodate a task. Macros can automate tedious tasks or create special menus to speed data entry.

integrated: you may integrate a computer system by putting various components together to create a harmonious system.

duplex scanning: like duplex printing; a duplex scan scans both sides of a page so the left and right pages face each other when bound.

drag-and-drop: to drag and item, click and hold the mouse button while moving the item across the screen. To drop an item, place it above the icon for its destination and let go of the mouse button.

PC interface card: type of expansion board that permits connection of external devices to computers.

videoconferencing peripherals: any hardware used in videoconferencing. Specfically, a small camera mounted on a computer that records the computer user in a videoconference.

interface: hardware that connects different devices, like a computer to a printer.

code: the system of symbols and rules that translates into instructions for a computer remediated code: mended code. n

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