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Some Thoughts From The Editor:

I am pleased to have recently assumed the position of Co-Editor of the GPSSFL/Technology and Practice Guide, along with Patricia Yevics. While we intend to make some changes which we believe you will find useful, we also intend to keep those things which have made our first several issues so popular.

In our next issue we will introduce two new columns as regular features in the magazine: a column on the Internet and a column on life as a Road Warrior.

Our Internet column will offer tips and tidbits about using the Internet in your practice. Our columnist, Ed Poll, will provide ideas, instructions and tell you about sites that may make your work easier and, perhaps, a little more interesting.

Our new column on life as a Road Warrior will address issues peculiar to that ever-increasing breed of lawyers on the go. We will look for computer hardware, software and other forms of electronic wizardry that will make your life as a road warrior a bit more bearable, if not easier and even entertaining. We will also have tips for you on the effective use of tools in your technological arsenal to facilitate your work while on the road.

We intend to bring you reviews of computer equipment and software from the perspective of practicing attorneys. We anticipate that you will find this information helpful in your decision-making process. You should find it more useful than the generic reviews normally published in computer magazines for the general public.

We will continue to try to bring you a variety of personal experience articles ranging from the novice to the expert computer user. We have received many positive comments on articles of that genre and you, our readers, seem to find them entertaining, informative and, occasionally, reassuring.

We want you to think of GPSSFL/Technology and Practice Guide as your window on the world of technology from the perspective of a practicing attorney. We actively solicit your comments and suggestions respecting our journal as we want to mould it to the needs of our readers. Please let us hear from you about your ideas and your reactions to our efforts. We will continue to seek new articles and new authors whose ideas and experiences will interest our readers. If you have interest in authoring an article for us, please contact us at your convenience.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge my predecessor, Bob Woodke and the people that worked with him for their tremendous efforts in starting this magazine. I am pleased to report that Bob will continue to work with the journal and serve on our Editorial Board.

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Jeffrey Allen, Co-Editor

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