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FALL 1997

Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Regulatory
Reform in the 104th Congress
John F. Cooney

Antitrust Law
Legal Ethics and the Internet
Kathryn M. Fenton

Business Law
Malpractice Alert: No "Conflict," but a Conflict of Interest
By Steven Lubet

Construction Law
Project Counsel: An Alternative Paradigm for Construction Law Services
Christopher L. Noble

Criminal Justice
Legal Research on the Internet: Criminal Law Resources
Bonnie Hill

Dispute Resolution
ADR and the Law Firm of the Future
Michael Spafford, Lawrence Freedman, and Connie Reeve

Entertainment & Sports Industries
Copyright Enforcement in a Digital Environment: Tolls on the Superhighway?
Virginie L. Parant

Family Law
Asserting the Privilege
Paul Ivan Birzon

Drafting Exclusive Territory Provisions in Franchise Agreements
Charles Modell

General Practice, Solo & Small Firm
Charitable and Nonprofit Organization Law
S. Tamar Hajian

Government & Public Sector Lawyers
Lawyers’ Free Speech Rights and Wrongs: Ethical Limits, Recent Trends, and Case Law
Daniel L. Skoler and Steven Kiviat

Individual Rights & Responsibilities
Female Genital Mutilation: The Modern Day Struggle to Eradicate a Torturous Rite of Passage
Robin M. Maher

Intellectual Property Law
Multiple Regulation of American Appellations of Origin for Wines
Gary D. Spivey

Judicial Division
Judicial Independence and the Line Item Veto
Louis Fisher

Labor & Employment Law
A Due Process Protocol for Mediation and Arbitration of Statutory Disputes Arising Out of the Employment Relationship

Law Student Division
The Top-10 Blunders You Don’t Want to Make When Looking for a Job
David C. James

Law Practice Management
Beware These Nine Costly Mistakes When Creating a Home Page for Your Law Firm
Phillip M. Perry

Legal Education
Disability Issues Continue to Challenge Legal Educators and Bar Admissions Authorities
Laura F. Rothstein

Picking a Winner
Len Niehoff

Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law
The Use of Experts in Environmental and Natural Resource Litigation and Enforcement Matters
Mark D. Coldiron and Connie M. Bryan

Public Contract Law
The DoD Review of Mergers and Joint Ventures Is Not Just for Antitrust Lawyers
Craig S. King

Public Utility, Communications & Transportation Law
Section on Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law
Gregory L. Wortham

Real Property, Probate & Trust Law
Qualified Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner
Irwin N. Rubin and William Miller

Science & Technology
Digital Signature Guidelines for Electronic Commerce
Charles R. Merrill

Senior Lawyers Division
The Major Myths of Social Security
Richard L. Kaplan

State & Local Government Law
Privatization and Creative Funding Opportunities
Christopher L. Rissetto, Steven A. Diaz, and Mary F. Withum

Tort & Insurance Practice
Oral Argument from a Practitioner’s Point of View
Karen L. Kendall

Young Lawyers Division
Thanks for Everything
Jeffrey M. Paskert


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