Vol. 14 No. 2 | Spring 2011


Message from the Chair

2011 Nominating Committee Selected

34th Annual Forum on Franchising: Flying the Flag of Franchising

FDA Publishes Proposed Regulations on Menu Labeling Requirements

State Taxation of Royalties on Out-of-State Franchisors Continues: KFC Corp. v. Iowa Department of Revenue

From Darkness to Light: A Survey of How Franchise Lawyers Weathered the Recession and Some Thoughts on the Road Ahead

NASAA Project Group Seeks Input on Multi-Unit Franchising

New Location for California Department of Corporations' San Francisco Office

Become a California Board Certified Franchise and Distribution Specialist!

New Books from the Forum on Franchising


Max Schott, II (2013)
Gray Plant Mooty
Minneapolis, MN

Associate Editors
Glenn J. Plattner (2011)
Bryan Cave
Santa Monica, CA

Kristy L. Zastrow (2012)
Dady & Gardner
Minneapolis, MN

Beata Krakus (2013)
Hemker & Gale
Chicago, IL

Forum on Franchising
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Books from the Forum on Franchising

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Franchise Litigation Handbook
Dennis LaFiura and C. Griffith Towle, Editors

This practical, "how-to" guide takes the essence of a franchise dispute and makes the most difficult franchise litigation seem less complex. For those new to the field of franchising, this book will be a useful starting place for identifying the basic, recurring issues in franchise litigation. And for both new and experienced practitioners, this book is intended to provide insights into many of the more difficult and still-emerging issues that you are likely to encounter as disputes between franchisors and franchisee continue to proliferate. 2010, 344 pages, 6 x 9, paper

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Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments 2010
Bethany L. Appleby and William K Whitner

Written by two seasoned professionals, this book includes extensively researched case law from August 2009 to August 2010. Compiled into an easy-to-use reference, this book will cut timely research out of your day by putting the latest review and analysis on franchise and distribution law at your fingertips. 2010, 454 pages, 6 x 9, paper

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International Franchise Sales Laws - 2010 Supplement
Andrew P. Loewinger and Michael K. Lindsey, Editors

This new supplement to International Franchise Sales Laws addresses disclosure requirements in Belgium, Indonesia, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam. For each jurisdiction, two authors licensed to practice in the jurisdiction address the jurisdiction's disclosure requirements in a uniform format. Each country chapter is organized to provide a comprehensive discussion of each of the applicable laws and also a practical and easy-to-use reference for counsel to comply with those laws. 2010, 184 pages, loose-leaf

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