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Trial Advocacy Institute
May 21-28, 2011
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   November/December 2010

Section News

Call for CLE Proposals
Have an idea for a family law CLE program? We'd like to hear from you!

Our CLE Committee is currently accepting proposals for 2011-2012 CLE programming; the deadline is January 10, 2011.

Programs will be considered for our Fall CLE Conference (October 26-29, 2011, Las Vegas, NV) and our Spring CLE Conference (April 18-21, 2012, Miami Beach, FL).

We're also accepting proposals for our teleconference series. These programs last approximately 90 minutes.

If you have an idea for a CLE program or teleconference, just fill out the appropriate form linked below and return it to us via facsimile at 312-988-6800.

CLE Proposal Form

Teleconference Proposal Form

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at some of our previous CLE programs ( one-hour; plenaries) to get an idea of what we've done in the past. You can also browse programs from our Fall 2010 CLE Conference.

All proposals must be submitted by January 10, 2011, in order to be considered for Fall 2011.

Registration Opens for 25th Annual Trial Advocacy Institute

Want to become a more effective trial lawyer? Join us for the 25th Annual Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute May 21-28, 2011, in Boulder, CO.

This year, we've partnered with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), the worldwide leader in advocacy skills training.

If you need to brush up on your skills, or learn new techniques for success at trial, you owe it to yourself to attend the TAI. Our intensive, fast-paced program provides you with years of trial experience, and you'll benefit from working one-on-one with members of our faculty.

An Advanced Institute will take place May 25-28, 2011. Enrollment is open to those who have attended an ABA Trial Advocacy Institute or one of NITA's Basic Trial Skills Programs.

Let our faculty give you personalized attention as you practice the art of advocacy in a hands-on format!

Register for TAI (weeklong program)

Register for the Advanced Program

For more details, visit the TAI website.

Reminder: Section of Family Law Members receive discounted tuition; group rates are also available.

Section Elections at Annual Meeting

The Section of Family Law will meet August 5-6, 2011, in conjunction with the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada. Section leadership elections will take place at the meeting.

Slated nominees are: Officers: Maryann Foley (Chair-Elect); Scott Friedman (Vice Chair); Ronald Nelson (Secretary); Marshall Wolf (Delegate)*.

Council: Roberta Batley (At Large); Candace Peeples (At Large); Jonathan Wolfe (At Large); Deborah Akers-Parry (Region III); Lori Nelson (Region IV).

We will soon be posting brief bios and pictures of the nominees on our website so you can get to know them a bit better.

In the meantime, congratulations to our nominees, and thank you to our Nominating Committee (Randall Kessler, Gerald (Jay) Babbitt, Gregg Herman, Anne Marie Jackson, and Mary Vidas) and all of the Section members who offered their nominations!

We know the Nominating Committee had a tough job selecting from the wealth of highly-qualified candidates, and we appreciate everyone's commitment of service to the Section and the practice of family law in general.

*The eNews that was sent out to members of Family Law on December 17, 2010, neglected to include the Delegate position. We regret the error.

Spotlight On...
Chaim Steinberger

Chaim Steinberger

This month the spotlight is on a singularly interesting member of the ABA Family Law Section, Chaim Steinberger. Chaim has been a lifeguard, a teacher, a computer programmer, and an entrepreneur who formed his own computer business. Fortunately for us, he left that behind and became a lawyer. The first Family Law Section meeting he attended was in Puerto Rico (2004). He quickly became involved with the Section, and considers the Section to be a group of trusted colleagues and friends, a place to compare notes with other practitioners, and to discover things worth trying and hear about things that have not worked. He also believes it's a great place to develop camaraderie and friendships with others who are doing the same work and experiencing the same challenges.

Chaim grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, the child of Holocaust survivors. He was educated in yeshivas and studied Talmud. Then he attended Adelphi University and Brooklyn Law School, graduating magna cum laude from both. He started his practice as a general practice, with an emphasis on matrimonial and family law. After a "nasty" divorce, Chaim left the large New York City law firms to practice family law and help others navigate their way through troubling times. He has been especially interested in parental alienation and authored an article on that topic which is available for download from his website. His interest in relationships led him to recently collaborate with a psychologist and present a seminar entitled "All You Need Is Love…?"

In addition to his full-time work as a lawyer, Chaim flies a Cessna C1 72, four-seat airplane. He finds cooking to be an enjoyable, inventive, and tasty way to relieve stress. He also enjoys ballroom dancing and downhill skiing. And he likes to be with people, making friends and learning new things. Truly a man for all seasons.

Among his favorite sayings is "Work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody's watching, and love like you've never been hurt before."

Want to sing a colleague's praises? E-mail Jean Crowe your nominations for a future "Spotlight On..." feature.


Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce:
A Guide to Enlightened Team Practice

Kate Scharff, MSW
Lisa Herrick, Ph.D.

Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce
Product Code 5130177

Designed to help all professionals--lawyers, as well as mental health professionals, financial neutrals, etc.--who practice in the area of Collaborative Divorce, this important new book explains how marital dynamics (both conscious and unconscious), combined with the traumas of both the current divorce and those resulting from previous situations, will be re-enacted within the Collaborative process. If these traumas and dynamic re-enactments go unaddressed, misunderstood or unmetabolized by the team they can impede progress, create difficulty in team functioning, result in a compromised agreement, or cause a complete break-down of the process itself.

Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce offers both a theoretical and practical roadmap for navigating the Collaborative process from an emotional point of view. The book's goal is to sensitize all team members to the importance of attending to and working with their clients' emotional needs, and to give them the tools to do so in order to achieve the best result.

To see a full listing of topics or table of contents, click the "More information" link below.

More information

To order today, call the ABA Service Center at 800-285-2221 and request Product Code 5130177 or order online.

Buy Now!


CLE Calendar

January 19, 2011

Unscrambling the Tax Return Jigsaw Puzzle

Our expect faculty will provide instructions on effectively using the information contained in three tax returns often encountered in divorce matters, namely the 1040 (individual return), the 1065 (partnership/LLC return), and the 1120S (S-corporation return). The speakers will also discuss how these returns are interrelated and how they can be used to answer questions such as:

* How do I delineate between the cash flow and taxable income generated by a business or rental property?

* How can I use the information contained in the returns to identify potential assets held in the marital estate or other parties of interest?

*What types of additional information should be requested in order to fully understand the parties' financial picture?

Register today!

Spring CLE Conference
April 6-9, 2011
Amelia Island, FL

Join us this spring for some sun, sand, and CLE! Our CLE programs will focus on the Families Matter initiative*, as well as military issues, QDROs, assisted reproductive technologies, ethics, and more!

We'll also have social events and community service projects you can assist with, too.

Registration will open in January, but you can book your hotel room now to lock in the special discount rate of $199/night. Call 904-277-1100 to lock in this deal; rooms must be reserved by March 8, 2011.

For more information, visit the Conference website and be sure to check it often for updates.

*The mission of Families Matter is to develop practice methods and approaches to minimizing the destructive consequences of divorce on families.

     ****Save the Date****
Fall CLE Conference

October 26-29, 2011
Encore at Wynn Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Take a gamble and join us for the Fall 2011 CLE Conference in Las Vegas! More details will be available soon, but remember, if you'd like to propose a CLE topic for this meeting, send it in by January 10th. (See left column for more information.)


Stay up-to-date on CLE offerings with our CLE Calendar.

Unable to attend a teleconference or a Section CLE conference? Not to worry, you can learn on your own time when you purchase the CLE materials.
See a listing of available CLE materials.

Best of the ESQ List

A double feature this month showcases the best of the list from November and December of this year. November covers informational items related to the Hague Convention; Short Sales, Deficiency Judgments, and 1099s; as well as Veterans' Benefits Websites. There is also a question about creative solutions: parenting for substance abusing parents. (You will need to log in to the ABA website to read the issues linked below.)

Read the November issue.

December topics cover jurisdiction for divorce and UCCJEA; timeshare division; and tax and payment of back pension and alimony.

Read the December issue.

ESQ is cited as one of the top member benefits of the Section of Family Law--get referrals, ask questions, sign up now! Learn about Managing Your List Subscriptions in the Members Only section of our website. (Please note that the ESQ list is only for our lawyer members.)

Stay Part of the Family

The ABA Section of Family Law,
that is.

It's the time of year when people often take stock of their lives and make resolutions. The ABA Section of Family Law is no different: we value each and every one of you as a member, and we're resolved to helping you improve not only your practice of family law, but family law in general.

Here are just a few of the (many) ways your ABA Family Law membership enhances your professional life.

1. You get Family Advocate and Family Law Quarterly delivered right to your door. Whether you're looking for news about legal trends and cutting edge-practices, or want to delve more in-depth on a particular family law topic, you get the best of both worlds from these publications.

2. You stay informed about family law decisions around the country courtesy of the monthly email digest Case Update.

3. You're offered great networking opportunities with other family law experts via our list serves, committees, and live meetings (Fall, Spring, and Annual).

4. You cater to your clients' needs by providing them with practical and professional handouts from Family Advocate.

5. You help other family law professionals by presenting CLE programs in your area of expertise.

6. You're fiscally responsible--you save money on ABA Family Law books and CLE courses.

7. You're part of a community that is developing practice methods and approaches to minimize the destructive consequences of divorce on families through our Families Matter Initiative.

This year, as you take stock, make sure you have renewed your membership in the ABA Section of Family Law. Renew online with the link above or call the ABA Service Center at 1-800-285-2221.

Happy Holidays!

AICPA Corner

A column by members of the AICPA's Forensic and Valuation Services Section
The AICPA Corner will return in January 2011.

Tech Corner

Mobile Apps by Lawyers for Lawyers

While many lawyers are still figuring out how to use mobile applications, popularly referred to as apps, a number of family law practitioners have taken the initiative to develop them. This month we feature enterprising family lawyers from across the country who have developed apps for the practice of family law.

Dallas family law specialist Michelle May O'Neil has developed a series of do-it-yourself divorce apps for the iPhone. "Divorce Cost & Prep" is the first in a planned line of divorce-related apps for the iPhone by her newly formed company DivorceApps.com.

Divorce Cost & Prep ($9.99, iTunes) serves two purposes: (1) Help assess the hidden and direct costs of divorce, such as the cost of two wardrobes for the children or the transportation costs for exchanging the children between homes, and (2) creates a list of information and documents to gather for their lawyer to assist preparation of their divorce.

The second offering, Estate Divider ($9.99, iTunes) allows parties to create an inventory of assets and liabilities and then calculate how best to divide them.

O'Neil and Fort Worth forensic CPA Bryan Rice developed the idea for the apps as a way to help clients save money in their divorces. "There are many people that want or need a divorce that cannot afford the high costs of litigation," says O'Neil. "Our apps provide those people with the ability to help themselves and save on the money it might otherwise cost to pay a lawyer to do these things for them."

Texas divorce lawyer Jimmy Verner has developed a prolific number of mobile apps for legal professionals and the public as the proprietor of VernerLegal.com. Jeff Richardson, publisher of the iPhone J.D. blog reveals that while Verner has no formal training in programming, he was a pioneer in using the Internet in the practice of law. In the 1990s, he created a website called WillMakers that enabled people to create simple wills online.

With the help of a software engineer, Verner developed his first mobile application, CS Calc ( reviewed by iPhone J.D.) to calculate Texas child support payments. After about a month of work, he made the application--since renamed the Texas Child Support Calculator-- available through iTunes ($6.99) on July 23, 2009.

Nine days later, Verner's second application, "Texas Litigation Deadlines" ( reviewed by iPhone J.D.) was for sale on iTunes ($9.99). "Deadlines" calculates pretrial and post-trial litigation deadlines for civil cases in Texas state courts, taking into account Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

Since that time, Verner has developed additional mobile phone applications to provide child support calculation, child custody rules, and the rules of civil procedure for use in Texas and other states, including Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

VernerLegal app prices range from $4.99 to $9.99, and as of November 2010, VernerLegal had 43 apps available through iTunes for the iPhone and 8 for the iPad. Search VernerLegal in the iTunes store to see them all. Two applications are available in the Android marketplace, and according to the VernerLegal blog, the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) version of the Texas Child Support Calculator was recently uploaded to the Windows Phone App marketplace, and the BlackBerry Texas Child Support Calculator is coming soon.

The NC Child Support calculator (free, iTunes) was developed by Rice Law, PLLC. Rice Law attorneys worked with BoomCo LLC--a company created by University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) students--to create the NC Child Support calculator based on NC Child Support Guidelines.

Attorneys Justin L. Kelsey and Matthew P. Trask of Kelsey & Trask, P.C., a full-service law firm in Massachusetts, developed several bankruptcy calculators, the Divorce Spousal Support (Alimony) Calculator, and a child support calculator as free web applications. Consequently, whether you are an Android, Blackberry or other Smartphone user, you can use all of the calculators in your mobile device's web-browser. To view the calculators provided by Kelsey & Trask, P.C., from your Smartphone browser visit m.kelseytrask.com or http://m.kelseytrask.com.

Additional Resources

BlackBerry Apps for Family Lawyers--ABA Section of Family Law eNews (Tech Corner), August 2010

Legal Research and Other Smartphone Apps for Lawyers--ABA Section of Family Law eNews (Tech Corner), July 2010

Go Figure: Software for Family Law Practitioners--ABA Family Law eNews (Tech Corner), October 2009

Parenting Plan Software for Attorneys-- ABA Section of Family eNews (Tech Corner), May 2008

   —Tonya Johnson, ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

Ask Us! Have you found a great technology deal somewhere? Is there a technology question that's been on your mind? Tell us or ask us about it! We may feature your info or answer your question in a future edition of the eNewsletter. If there's some other technology you would like us to investigate, just e-mail glazerh@staff.abanet.org. Keep the Tech Corner working for you!



Client Handbooks

What are they?

Client Handbooks are special issues of Family Advocate that give your clients tangible, easy-to-read information about what they can expect during their divorce and child custody proceedings. They cover a number of other topics, as well, including parenting plans, and information for your divorce clients who are over 50 years of age.

What do I do with them?
You buy them in bulk (at heavily reduced prices) and distribute them to your clients so they can get a handle on what's happening to them and their families. There is even one developed by kids, for kids.

I want to help my clients. How do I order these?

It's great that you're committed to serving your clients! You can purchase hard copies of Client Handbooks from our website, or you can also call the ABA Service Center to place your order.

If you'd prefer to purchase an electronic version so you can print out specific sections for your clients, we now offer that option, too. (Please note that electronic versions are only available for our most recent titles.)

Explore Client Handbook Titles


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