News and Notes

Roger Lilavois passed away on January 30, 2012 after a long, valiant struggle with cancer. Working with the Florida Bar Foundation, he developed the first IOLTA specific software in 1983 that enables IOLTA programs to track interest remitted to their accounts. Over the past 20 years, Roger worked closely with many IOLTA programs and continually enhanced his software to make their work more efficient. He was dedicated to the success of IOLTA and took great pride in being part of the IOLTA community. Roger is survived by two sons, Joe and Nick, Joe's wife Susan and granddaughter, Brooke, and his 91 year old mother, Marcelle.

Idaho Rule Change

On March 5, 2012, the Idaho Supreme Court approved amendments to the state's IOLTA rule which include mandatory IOLTA and interest rate comparability provisions. The amendments will become effective on July 1, 2012. With this change, Idaho will become the 45th jurisdiction to adopt mandatory IOLTA and the 33rd jurisdiction to adopt comparability. Mandatory IOLTA requires that all lawyers who hold client funds establish IOLTA accounts for the deposit of those funds that cannot earn net interest for the client. Rate comparability requires that all lawyers hold IOLTA accounts only in financial institutions that pay those accounts the highest interest rate or dividend generally available to other customers of the institution when IOLTA accounts meet the same minimum balance or other qualifications.

Assistance in exploring, drafting and implementing mandatory IOLTA and other IOLTA revenue enhancement strategies is available through the Commission on IOLTA and National Association of IOLTA Programs Joint Technical Assistance Committee. Email Commission Counsel, Bev Groudine or call 312/988-5771 for more information.

Summer 2012 IOLTA Workshops

The Summer 2012 IOLTA Workshops will be held on Thursday and Friday, August 2nd and 3rd at the Drake Hotel in Chicago in conjunction with the ABA Annual Meeting. The workshop sessions will address many timely topics, and the two days of programming will provide an opportunity for IOLTA staff and trustees to share information and network. Registration information can be found at: