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DIALOGUESpring 2012
VOL. 15, NO. 4
News and Perspectives from the ABA Division for Legal Services
Pro Bono
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LRIS Services Help Rebalance Legal Information Asymmetry
By Britt Wegner

One of the most frustrating problems facing bar associations and their lawyer referral services today is that of information asymmetry: when the expectations of clients are misaligned with services offered by the legal community. Read more...

From the Chair...
By John Norwine

In 2009 ABA President Carolyn B. Lamm established the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20. Read more...

The Long View: Discussing the Past and Future of Lawyer Referral Services with Sheldon Warren
By George Wolff

The following is an interview with Sheldon J. Warren, immediate past Chair of the Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Read more...

2012 National Lawyer Referral Workshop

Save the Date! October 24-27, 2012 — Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more...


Judicare Family Law Project:
Helping the Courts and Leveraging Resources in Maryland

By Harriet Robinson

A single mother was fighting to get custody of her two children but didn't have the funds to hire an attorney. Read more...

From the Chair...
By Lora J. Livingston

Several weeks ago the members of the Commission and I met for our spring meeting in Denver, Colorado.   Read more...

Grantee Spotlight:
Bringing the Law to Life: Idaho's Citizens' Law Academy Connects the Legal Profession with the Public

By Carey Ann Shoufler

The mission of the Idaho Law Foundation (the Foundation) is to help the legal profession serve the public. Read more...

News and Notes

Roger Lilavois passed away on January 30, 2012 after a long, valiant struggle with cancer. Working with the Florida Bar Foundation, he developed the first IOLTA specific software in 1983 that enables IOLTA programs to track interest remitted to their accounts. Read more...

  Pro Bono

Medical–Legal Partnerships in the Spotlight
By Kelly Scott, Staff Attorney, ABA Center for Pro Bono Medical–Legal Partnerships Pro Bono Support Project

There are many opportunities to make a difference in our communities. Doing pro bono work is a way members of the legal profession can use our specialized skills to help vulnerable populations keep their homes, receive proper medication, and ensure their families are safe. Read more...

From the Chair...
By Larry McDevitt

I have been a member of the ABA, my entire career as a lawyer, and have been proud of my various associations with different ABA groups and leadership entities during those years. Read more...

Using Technology to Connect Pro Bono Attorneys to Remote Clients
By William Jones, Technology, Information and Content Coordinator, ABA Center for Pro Bono

The scarcity of attorneys per capita in rural counties is a chronic problem for the delivery of legal services and information to remote clients. Read more...

New Publication!
A Breath of Hope
By Jo S. Kittinger

This picture book depiction of medical-legal partnerships in action demonstrates how medical-legal partnerships and legal aid can transform the lives of families in need. Read more... | Buy Now


USERRA and the "Cat's Paw" Theory of Employer Liability after Staub
By Alexandra Lee Newman and Yelena Shagall

Since its enactment in 1994, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) has provided a powerful means of addressing employment discrimination against those serving in the military. Read more...

From the Chair...
By David G. Ehrhart, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.)

Of the varying types of work undertaken by the LAMP Committee to constantly improve the quality and availability of free civil legal services available to military personnel, our role in supporting and informing policymaking decisions allows us to have a wide and systemic impact for the benefit of our servicemembers and their families. Read more...