Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas wins
2010 Cindy Raisch Award

Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas Executive Director Jeannie Rollo holds the Cindy Raisch Award. Rollo is flanked by ABA LRIS Standing Committee Chair Sheldon Warren (left) and Jason Snell (right), Chair of the LRS of Central Texas Board of Trustees.

The Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas has won this year’s prestigious Cindy Raisch Award. LRS of Central Texas Executive Director Jeannie Rollo and Board of Trustees Chair Jason Snell accepted the award at a luncheon meeting held during the 2010 National Lawyer Referral Workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Cindy Raisch was a leader in the effort to improve the quality of lawyer referral programs. Her philosophy was that an LRIS should be run as a business that has as its first priority, public service.

Reflecting Raisch’s guiding principles, the award recognizes lawyer referral services that have enhanced service to the public as demonstrated by: a.) Superior efforts in revising or restructuring an existing program; b.) Implementing a major program innovation or developing an innovative program concept that increases the public’s access to appropriate legal and non-legal services; and/or c.) Operating as a superior lawyer referral and information program worthy of emulation.

LRS of Central Texas received the 14th Cindy Raisch Award for operating a superior lawyer referral and information service worthy of emulation. In a nominating letter signed by eight members of the Travis County Civil District Judiciary, the judges noted, “What sets Central Texas LRS apart from a typical lawyer referral service is its involvement in leadership roles in setting policy at the state and national levels and its innovative programs … such as Legal Line, the People’s Law School, the Match (Modest Means) Program and the Limited Scope Program which reach a larger portion of our community than a typical LRS.”

LRS of Central Texas is particularly proud of its community outreach efforts to get the word out on a personal level about legal services available in the community. LRS staff have been present at events such as the Austin Independent School District Back to School Bash, City of Austin “Getting Connected”, Senior Housing Resource Fair, Austin Police Department National Night Out, Brown Bag Lunch presentations to employees of governmental agencies and businesses, Texas Women’s Conference and the Vietnamese Community Legal Fair.

Remarkably, the People’s Law School has been attended by over 4,800 Austin area residents since its inception.

An example of the innovative programs launched by LRS of Central Texas is Now You Are 18, a booklet distributed to high school seniors in three counties in the Austin area that describes the rights and responsibilities of individuals when they become adults under the law. LRS also schedules speakers to give presentations on topics in the booklet to the students.

Congratulations to Jeannie Rollo, along with her staff, the members of the LRS Board of Trustees and bar leaders for this well deserved award.