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  • Volume 14 | Spring 2009

articles | Spring 2009

Interpartner Surveillance: Recent Developments in the Legal Response to Electronic Privacy Invasions

Relationships are the domain of the intimate, of the private. When relationships are abusive, this privacy is abused. Fortunately, some recent cases have affirmed the privacy interest of individuals in their intimate relationships. These cases improve the legal options for those victimized by tools widely available to perpetrators of domestic violence, harassment and stalking. Further, the Federal Trade Commission has for the first time taken action against a company marketing “Stalkerware” – spyware sold directly to consumers and marketed for uses such as spying on one’s spouse.  Read more . . .

Identity Abuse: Identity Theft and Impersonation

Identity theft is defined generally as using another’s personal information to impersonate them and therefore obtain something of value, collect more information on the victim, or otherwise harm the victim. Abusers can easily engage in identity theft because they often have access to the personal information of their victim. Identity abuse can cause harassment, frustration, safety risks and a negative economic impact, making it hard for a survivor to find a new lease, new employment or a new mortgage. Clearing these errors and frauds from a credit report can take substantial amounts of time. Read more . . .