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  • Volume 11 | Summer 2008

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The following are new or innovative resources we’ve heard about that we hope will be useful to practitioners. If you know of resources that you would like to be included in future eNewsletters, please send them to Rebecca Henry at Rebecca.Henry@americanbar.org.

Creator of Innovative Domestic Violence Court Honored for Public Service by the United Nations

On June 23, 2008, Judge Eugene Hyman, and the State of California Superior Court for the County of Santa Clara were honored with The United Nations Public Service Award.

The United Nations Public Service Award, established in 2003, is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that lead to a more effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide. Through an annual worldwide competition, the UN Public Service Awards promotes the role, professionalism, and visibility of public service.

In 2008, the award was given in three categories—improving transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in the Public Service; improving the delivery of services; and fostering participation in policy-making decisions through innovative mechanisms. Hyman and the Santa Clara Superior Court were the European/North American winners in the first category, for the creation of the Juvenile Delinquency, Domestic Violence and Family Violence Court.

Appointed to the Santa Clara County Municipal Court in 1990, Judge Hyman was appointed to the superior court for Santa Clara County in 1997. In 1999, he created the Juvenile Delinquency Court for the Domestic Violence and Family Violence programs in Santa Clara County, the first of its kind in the United States. He has served in the community as a member of the Domestic Violence Council, and chaired the Council for the Court Systems Committee. Judge Hyman was a recipient of the Woman's Fund "Man of the Year 1998" in recognition of his work in domestic violence prevention. In 2000, he was awarded the Legal Advocates for Children and Youth Honor for his work with families and children. In 2004, he received the Alumni Special Achievement Award from Santa Clara University School of Law. Judge Hyman has been an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University for more than 15 years, teaching five different courses. For extensive information on Judge Hyman, see http://www.judgehyman.com/.

Sexual Violence Law Center Announces New Website


The Sexual Violence Law Center works with survivors, the legal community, and tribal governments and service agencies throughout the United States to advance the legal rights of sexual assault victims.  Their mission is to improve the legal response to survivors of sexual violence through advocacy, education, legal consultation and referral services.

New Charts Summarizing Elder Abuse and Adult Protective Services Laws

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging and its partner, the National Center on Elder Abuse, have released a new set of charts on elder abuse and adult protective services (APS) laws. You may access the charts directly from the ABA Commission on Law and Aging's elder abuse Web page by clicking here.

These charts address a wide spectrum of elder abuse-related statutes, policies and practice.  For each topic, there is at least one chart and an explanation of the chart(s).

Abuse Registries
Access to Victims
APS as Guardian
Capacity to Consent
Confidentiality of Information and Records
Criminal Background Checks
Emergency or Involuntary Services to Victims
Immunity for Good Faith Reporting
Laws Related to Elder Abuse 

Mandatory Reporting to Adult Protective Services
Mandatory Training
Multidisciplinary Teams
Prohibitions of Retaliation Against Reporters of Suspected Elder Abuse 
Reporting and Referrals to Law Enforcement 
Threshold Eligibility Criteria
Types of Abuse
Undue Influence