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  • Volume 8 | Summer 2007

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Expanding Domestic Violence Protective Orders to Include
Companion Animals

Attorneys, prosecutors, family court judges, victim services’ advocates, and others in the legal profession can play significant roles in the effort to effectively protect both human and non-human victims from domestic abuse. Enhancing awareness and knowledge about the relationship between violence to animals, children and women provides a unique opportunity for the legal profession and criminal justice system to enhance services to all vulnerable victims. Read more . . .

Four-Footed and Largely Forgotten: Exploring the Connections
Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

Given some of the well documented connections between animal and human violence, the creation of programs like Safe Harbor may be seen by some as long overdue. By working together and involving members of the community (like attorneys, veterinarians, and private donors) animal welfare agencies and domestic violence advocates can make it easier for a victim to escape a violent relationship without having to leave their pet at home with their abuser or having to make the difficult decision to abandon the animal at a shelter and hope for the best. When animal welfare is considered in conjunction with human welfare, everyone (whether they have two legs or four) reaps the benefits. Read more . . .