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Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting Your Jury

By Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D.

This much anticipated and expanded Third Edition by one of the nation's most experienced trial consultants goes beyond other books on jury selection and focuses on the skills needed to conduct effective voir dire and jury selection, ultimately improving your chances of a favorable verdict at trial. This valuable guide will help you understand effective voir dire and jury selection strategies and adapt them to the unique circumstances you face in your trial jurisdiction.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the importance of the jurors' backgrounds, experiences, and opinions
  • Good questioning techniques and skills that increase juror candor and honesty
  • Reading jurors' nonverbal behavior
  • Tips for improving your success in group voir dire settings
  • Successfully overcoming common problems encountered during voir dire, including identifying and handling stealth jurors
  • How to develop and use juror questionnaires effectively
  • The impact of the Internet on jury selection and jury trials
  • Overall jury selection strategies
This book is packed with practical advice and supplemented with appendices, including examples of useful voir dire questions for civil and criminal cases. In addition, a companion CD contains more than 130 juror questionnaires used in criminal and civil trials, including questionnaires from Colorado v. Kobe Bryant, In re Exxon Valdez, i4i LP v. Microsoft Corporation, United States v. Zacarious Moussaoui, California v. Scott Peterson, and United States v. Senator Theodore Stevens, among many others.

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