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Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus (Expanded Second Edition)

By William Brennan

Effective word use is vital for anyone active in the law. For the attorney arguing a case or preparing a brief; for the jurist writing an opinion; and even for the law student, words are the ammunition needed to make the point.

For example, in attacking the credibility of opposing counsel's witness, a litigator might use such devastatingly critical terms as "cowardly" for "prudent"; "disdainful" or 'haughty" for "proud"; and "indifferent" or "lazy" for "easygoing." A lawyer's ability to choose words wisely—and accurately—is a valuable component for effective communication.

This expanded second edition of Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus is 40 percent longer than the first edition, with words arranged alphabetically in two groups: favorable-critical (Part One) and critical-favorable (Part Two). You need only look in one column and see the corresponding advocacy word or words in the opposite column.

Let Advocacy Words:A Thesaurus be your companion in painting the verbal picture you want. Keep it handy to help sway others to your point of view.

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