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IP Valuation and Management

By Weston Anson

In a time of great economic, social and political change in the world, intellectual property is more important than ever. Given the current trouble surrounding businesses and portfolios, clients are actively seeking legal guidance and advisement to make wise decisions about intellectual property.

IP Valuation and Management is an easy-to-use, concisely thorough reference. This book delves into how intellectual property is defined, grouped, valued, managed and monetized. It provides resourceful information on identifying intellectual property experts, IP organizations and support groups, as well as publications and sources for finding related research.

Topics Include:

  • An overview of the major IP issues a general practice may encounter
  • Basic definitions of intangible assets and IP, and the differences between the two
  • Explanation of the growing global importance of IP
  • A seasoned expert's point of view on IP valuation, management, and litigation derived from 20 years in the field

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