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The Lawyer's Guide to Negotiation, Second Edition

By X.M. Frascogna, Jr., and H. Lee Hetherington

As a lawyer, you are negotiating each time you are attempting to finalize an acquisition agreement; trying to settle a personal injury claim; or conferring with a client about pending legal matters. Consider the following:

  • More than 95 percent of all civil claims are concluded by negotiation, not litigation.
  • Of those claims that actually go to trial, only a fraction go to verdict, and of those that do, a substantial portion are settled by negotiation pending appeal.
  • Every conceivable type of business relationship is created by negotiation.
  • The overwhelming majority of inmates currently serving time in U.S. penal institutions are there because of a negotiated plea bargain.


Negotiation is by far the most frequently used device to resolve conflicts and claims. This book combines a lawyer's legal training and experience with keen interpersonal skills that achieve tangible results. The Lawyer's Guide to Negotiation dispels some long-held negotiation myths while offering lawyers a consistent and effective approach to establish a framework for any bargaining challenge.

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