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feb 2009

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This deskbook provides a quick reference to answer most of the problems that can occur in a commercial real estate transaction, while at the same time it serves as a starting point for further research.
The book covers the steps in handling a commercial real estate transaction from start to finish, including those most commonly encountered in a transaction, such as brokerage problems, leases, mortgages, title insurance and surveys. In addition, the book covers material that may not be easily available to a new or less experienced practitioner, such as handling mortgage workouts after a default, wrap-around mortgages, reciprocal easement agreements, and air rights. New to the Second Edition is a chapter on securitization of mortgages and numerous new title policy references.

BONUS: The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing agreements, disclosure statements, checklists, easements and licenses, letters of intent, deeds, lease forms, title policies and related documents, promissory notes, and more.

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