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jan 2009

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This Second Edition of a bestseller provides complete and concise information to assist an attorney in evaluating a client's potential claim, and to determine whether pursuit of a qui tam action is warranted. The handy guide provides an overview of the statute and highlights some of the more common and controversial topics.

This Second Edition contains updated statistics, a discussion of the recent U.S. Supreme Court case, Allison Engine Co., Inc. et al v. United States ex rel. Sanders et al (June 2008), as well as new and updated case law on the defenses of:

  • Government knowledge/lack of intent
  • Constitutionality
  • Lack of Rule 9(b) specificity
  • Lack of presentment
  • Public disclosure/not original source
  • Limitations
  • Lack of falsity
  • Materiality
  • Counterclaims
  • Improper relator: pro se, government employee or deceased
  • Relator-released claims

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