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Dec 2008

Upcoming Events »


Upcoming Events

  • CLE Teleconference »
    Bankruptcy Boot Camp Part 2:
    A Practitioner’s Guide to Mastering “The Schedules and Statement of Affair"

    January 15, 2008 • 12:00 p.m. ET
  • Draft description – subject to change
    The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) made substantial changes to the information attorneys need to disclose. The changes imposed new duties on lawyers that can be considered obscure in nature. Additionally, under Rule 9011, an attorney faces stringent sanctions for ethical violations. The ABA responded with a Report on the Scope of Inquiry Required under §707(b). That report was scholarly and technical in scope. However, the report did not address the practical obligations and inquiries that a prudent practitioner needs to use when advising a consumer or small business debtor. Further, the report did not address ethical violations under Rule 9011. The panel will discuss:
    • The Schedules and Statement of Affairs Understanding what’s required
    • The Business Lawyer article, “Working Paper: Best Practices for Debtor’s Attorneys” Sign up today and email your specific questions to muhammay@staff.abanet.org. The panel will adjust the content of the program and address your questions during the teleconference.

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Awards & Nominations

Law Students

  • Law Students Benefits »
  • The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division has many benefits for Law Students!
    Free Membership in the Division
    Solo practitioners and small firm settings are one of the fastest growing practices in the legal profession.  With over 12,000 law student members in GP|Solo, this trend towards solo and small firms shows no sign of slowing down.  Your decision to join the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division will prove instrumental in helping you to enhance and thrive in your legal career.  Join today, it is free!  Here's how ... Join GP|Solo!
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Buzz Book

  • The Labor and Employment Lawyer's Job: A Survival Guide »
  • This Guide gives basic direction on assignments that new labor and employment lawyers are likely to receive. It also provides tips for honing in on the precise questions that need to be asked--whether of another lawyer in one's firm or an outside entity--and devising a framework for addressing them.   More »


  • SoloSez™ Networking Events »

    Upcoming Solosez™ gatherings and networking events.
    • MD/DC/VA Monthly Lunch
      Tragara, Dec. 19, 2008, 1:00 PM
    • Atlanta SoloSez Networking Events
      Taco Mac, Jan 8, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
    • DC SoloSez Networking Event
      Basic Training, District of Columbia Bar, February 20, 2009
  • List your local meetings on the SoloSez website by filling out the event submission form.
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  • SoloSez™ In the News »

    “Solo’s Niche: Turning Supreme Court Bar Admission into an Event,” Daily Record (Maryland), “Sure, you can become a member of the Supreme Court bar by mail.  All you have to do is prove you’re in good standing with your state bar and 'of good moral character,' get a couple of people who are already members to vouch for you, fill out a form and send in your $200.  But Terry A. Berger’s betting you won’t want to do it that way.  Berger, a Westminster solo practitioner, has started a business coordinating in-person Supreme Court bar admissions for lawyer organizations across the country. He argues that doing it his way is an experience like no other.  ‘It’s actually an awe-inspiring event,’ Berger said. …'I don’t know that I’ll ever practice in front of the court, but there’s something special about being a part of it,’ said Scott I. Barer, a lawyer in Woodland Hills, Calif. … Barer was speaking on a Tuesday in mid-October in the Supreme Court cafeteria, a few minutes before he and the other members of Berger’s group filed into the courtroom to be sworn in. … They were all solo or small-firm practitioners and had heard about Berger through the American Bar Association’s SoloSez listserv. Many have known each other via e-mail for years but have never met, Berger said.”

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Buzz Tip

  • This Month’s Tip
  • Choose wrapping paper alternatives
  • Be creative—scraps of fabric, magazines and old calendars make great alternatives to wrapping paper. If you must purchase paper wrapping, avoid the metallic and plastic type, which take a long time to decompose and release toxic gases when burned.
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