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Sept 2008

Committee Highlight

The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division is governed by the Officers and Council who are responsible for policy making decisions. Division Directors oversee and coordinate the activities of committees and work closely with the Officers. Committee Chairs are expected to communicate regularly with their director about projects and committee work.

The Division has over 60 committees. They are divided into Administrative Committees (such as Membership, Programs & CLE, and Publications) and Substantive Law and Professional Issues Committees (such as Agricultural Law, Family Law and Litigation)

Administrative Committees deal with the work of the Division: promoting membership and products; producing books; coordinating meetings and programs; overseeing budgets, etc. These committees work closely with Division staff on many of their projects.

Substantive Committees deal with concerns pertaining to substantive areas of law and professional issues. They will be called upon frequently by the Division leadership because of their expertise in these areas. Substantive Committee chairs can expect to be asked to review other Section’s reports to the House of Delegates and Blanket Authorities (a request by another ABA Section or entity to seek authority to present their views to ABA governmental bodies) at least a few times during the year.

Each committee is appointed a chair and vice chairs.  A staff liaison is also assigned to each committee.   The Division’s staff is available to assist committee chairs with projects.  They may be contacted with any questions, concerns and ideas.

The appointment positions for chair of the Real Estate Law and Senior Lawyers committees are currently vacant.  Members of the Division who are interested in chairing either of the committees should contact the Division office at or (312) 988-5648.  Below is an organizational chart for the 08/09 bar year:

ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division
2008 - 2009 Committee Organizational Chart


Division Director:  Joseph A. DeWoskin

  • Awards Committee –  Marvin Dang
  • Budget Committee –  H. Stanley Riffle
  • Bylaws Committee –  Laura Farber
  • Communications Committee – Thomas Johnson
  • Coordination Committee –  Laurel Bellows and Lee Kolczun
  • Corporate Sponsor Committee –  Joseph DeWoskin
  • Diversity Committee – Richard Evangelista
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee – Paula Frederick
  • House of Delegates Committee – William Hogan, III
  • Leadership Training Committee – Jeffrey Allen
  • Long Range Planning Committee – jennifer rose
  • Membership Board – Antonio Alvarado
  • Nominating Committee – Betty Adams
  • Past Chairs Advisory – Keith  McLennan
  • Public Service Committee – Jennifer Ator
  • Revenue Development Committee – John Macy
  • Solo and Small Firm Lawyer Caucus – jennifer rose
  • Technology Committee – Bruce Dorner
  • West Legal Advisory Board – Robert Zupkus


Division Director:  Jennifer A. Rymell

  • Annual Solo Day Program Committee –  Jeffrey Solomon
  • Best of  Sections Magazine Board –  Jennifer Ator
  • GP|Solo Magazine Board – Joan Burda
  • Meeting Host Committee – Joseph DeWoskin
  • National Solo & Small Firm Conference – Deborah Matthews
  • Program Board – David Lefton
  • Publication Board – Michael Hurley
  • Solo Newsletter Board – Charles Driebe
  • Steering/SWAT Committee – Stephen Beam
  • Technology & Practice Guide Board – Jeffrey Allen

Division Director:  Elio F. Martinez

  • Law Trends & Practice E-Newsletter – James Schwartz

Business Law Group

  • Agricultural Committee – Lynne Ostfeld
  • Bankruptcy Committee – Larry Feinstein and Marc Stern
  • Business Opportunities & Commercial Law Com – Kenneth Ashman
  • Gaming Law Committee – Marc Risman
  • Intellectual Property Law Committee – Lynn Allingham
  • International Law Committee – Satnam Singh
  • Urban, State and Local Committee – Paul Koster

Estate & Financial Planning Group

  • Business Advice & Financial Planning Committee – Timothy Leighton
  • Estate Planning, Probate & Trust – Kenneth Vercammen
  • Taxation Committee – Parag Patel

Family Law Group

  • Elder Law Committee – Kenneth Vercammen
  • Family Law Committee – Ruth Anaicka Ortiz
  • Juvenile Law Committee – Atinuke Diver

Litigation Group

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee – Phil Ytterberg
  • Criminal Law Committee – Brian Hermanson
  • Immigration Law Committee – Neil Dornbaum
  • Labor, Employment & Civil Rights Law Com – Daphane Clements
  • Litigation Committee – Henry DeWoskin
  • Tort & Insurance Practice Committee – Randi Whitehead
  • Workers’ Compensation Committee – Bryan Ramos

Real Estate Group

  • Construction Law Committee –  Phil Ytterberg
  • Real Estate Law Committee – TBA

Division Director:   David H. Lefton

  • Administrative & Government Law Committee – D. Tonya Hagmaier
  • Corporate Counsel Committee – Jennifer Hilsabeck
  • Judiciary Committee – Pamila Brown
  • Law Student Committee – Philip Eubanks
  • Legal Educators Committee – Vick Huebner
  • Military Lawyers Committee – Thomas Hemingway
  • Senior Lawyers Committee – TBA
  • Young Lawyers Committee – Jennifer Hilsabeck

All GP|Solo committees are staffed by volunteer members just like you! To get involved, visit now.