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Sept 2008

Awards & Nominations

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2008 Difference Makers Awards »

The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division will honor its Difference Makers Awards winners at the Division’s 2008 Fall Meeting and National Solo & Small Firm Conference Awards Ceremony on October 3, 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Difference Makers Award
The Difference Makers Award honors a deserving individual who have made a difference but can’t otherwise qualify because they are not attorneys, and live in the city or state where the Division is meeting and the Awards dinner is being held.
Governor Bill Richardson, Santa Fe, NM

Making a Difference by Breaking Barriers – This award honors an attorney living or deceased who broke barriers for gender, color, disabilities or sexual orientation.
Justice Petra Jimenez Maes, Santa Fe, NM
Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds, Minneapolis, NM

Making a Difference through Community Service – This award honors an attorney living or deceased who made a significant lifetime contribution to the local community through community service.  Recognizes a lawyer who does a lot of community work, which does not necessarily mean specifically bar work or pro bono work per se.
Margaret Holt Baird, Burlington, NC

Making a Difference through Pro Bono Work – This award honors an attorney, law firm, corporate legal department, government attorney office or institution in the legal profession that has made an outstanding commitment to volunteer legal services for the poor and disadvantaged. Recognizes an outstanding local attorney or group that does pro bono work.
Patricia McCabe, Van Nuys, CA

2008 Nominating Committee Positions »

            The Nominating Committee will meet during the 2008 Fall Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 2 - 5 to nominate individuals for the positions of Division Vice Chair, Secretary and Members-At-Large of the Council.  In accordance with §4.4 of the Bylaws, the Committee will nominate five Council Members-At-Large to serve four-year terms.  Minority applicants are encouraged.  The duties, terms of office, and eligibility requirements for each of the positions to be filled are outlined in the Division Bylaws.

Christine G. AlbanoMember-at-Large
William E. BrownMember-at-Large
Theresa M. EricksonMember-at-Large
Alan Fowler*Member-at-Large
Thomas Johnson*Member-at-Large
David Z. KaufmanMember-at-Large
Benjamin K. Sanchez*Member-at-Large
Edd VasquezMember-at-Large
J. Anthony Vittal*Member-at-Large
William I. Weston*Member-at-Large
Stephen D. WilliamsMember-at-Large
Benes Z. AldanaSecretary
Joseph A. DeWoskinSecretary
Laura V. FarberVice Chair

Vacant Council Seat

The Division Council will meet during the 2008 Fall Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 5, 2008.   In accordance with §4.4 of the Bylaws to fill a vacancy occurring in a Member-at-Large seat for the remainder of the unexpired term of the vacant seat by majority vote of the Council.   The following members submitted their nomination for the vacancy created by Keith Brown’s resignation.  The term to be filled is through the conclusion of the Annual Meeting in 2011.

Alan A. Fowler*
Thomas Johnson*
Stephen N. Maskaleris
Benjamin K. Sanchez*
J. Anthony Vittal*
William I. Weston*
Randi B. Whitehead