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August 2008

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Committee Highlight

  • GP|Solo Officers and Council »
  • The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division is governed by the Officers and Council who are responsible for policy making decisions. Division Directors oversee and coordinate the activities of committees and work closely with the Officers. Committee Chairs are expected to communicate regularly with their director about projects and committee work.   More »
  • All GP|Solo committees are staffed by volunteer members just like you! To get involved, visit now.

Law Students

  • 2008 Annual Meeting Law Students Events »
  • GP|Solo held several events at the Annual Meeting for Law Students.  The ever popular "How to Get a Job in a Small Firm" was well attended as well as "Pursuing the Dream: Federal Judicial Clerkships and the Federal Judicial Clerkship Hiring Plan."  The Division has already started to plan a law student event at the 2008 Fall Meeting and National Solo & Small Firm Conference.  Additionally, we are offering a reduced fee for Law Students to attend.  Your registration fee includes local and national networking opportunities, access to committee meetings, various sessions on how to be a solo and small firm lawyer and session materials on a CD Rom.    More »

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  • Kill those vampires

    A “phantom load” is the energy that is zapped by a “vampire” appliance such as a cell phone charger when they’re plugged in, but not turned on.
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