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June 2008

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Chair's Note

Lawyers, Lawyers Everywhere
On August 6th the ABA’s Annual Meeting will take place at Times Square in New York. We expect over 10,000 lawyers to attend the annual meeting and there is no better place for it.  More »


Awards & Nominations

Committee Highlight

  • GP|Solo Military Law Committee  »
  • Hats off to the many military lawyers who volunteer their time and service to the Division. These men and women of honor are responsible for encouraging participation in the Division by serving as the voice of the military lawyer within the Division. The committee coordinates communication between the Division and the military; monitors developments in the area of military law; educates the Division about particular issues that could warrant action by the Division; exposes Division members to military law and the possibility of a career as military lawyer and conducts outreach to local military lawyers at the ABA meeting sites.… More »
  • All GP|Solo committees are staffed by volunteer members just like you! To get involved, visit now.

Law Students

  • 2008 Annual Meeting CLE »
  • On Saturday, August 9, 2008 at the ABA’s 2008 Annual Meeting in New York, New York, GP|Solo is sponsoring the CLE program Judicial Clerkships:  Navigating the Federal Clerkship Hiring Guidelines and Developing Skills to Succeed on the Job from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. at Westin Times Square.
    A clerkship is the most prestigious job available after graduation and is considered to be the capstone of a legal education. What do law students need to know about application timing, the use of OSCAR, and how to enhance their application?  Additionally, for those students who have obtained clerkships, what skills should they continue to develop or acquire prior to commencing their service at the court? Directly following, join GP|Solo for their panel discussion, “How to get a Job in a Small Firm” and hear a panel of members discuss their experiences as a solo and small firm lawyer and the qualifications that they look for in an applicant. More »

Buzz Book


  • The SoloSez™ Dinner

  • The SoloSez™ Dinner during the ABA Annual Meeting will be held at the Golden Unicorn Restaurant, 18 E. Broadway (Chinatown), in New York City, on Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
    Marvin S. C. Dang, is in charge of reservations. RSVP to him by Thursday, July 31, 2008.
    The protocol will be the same as the Los Angeles dinner. Marvin has reserved two tables for ten under his own name. If there are more, he’ll make a reservation for another table. Everyone will order when he or she arrives, each table will have a separate bill, and the bill will be split by those attending. The Division will incur no expense or responsibility.

Staff News

  • Meet our New Staff
  • Carmen Tam began a two month internship at the ABA in Chicago with GP|Solo on June 23rd. She comes from Hong Kong where she attends Hong Kong Baptist University. She graduates in 2009 with a degree in Marketing. You can contact her at .
  • Susan Wilson, the interim Technology Coordinator, took over Gordon Wright's duties, after his departure in April. Susan is a Certified Internet Webmaster and will be with GP|Solo until August. She can be contacted at .

  • Congratulations to GP|Solo Director, Kimberly Anderson
  • Kim graduated with a Master of Business Administration from DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business on June 15th. Great Job!

Buzz Tip

  • This Month’s Tip

  • The average office worker could save 475 sheets of paper per year by reducing their margins from the default setting of 1 inch to 0.50 inches.
    The savings won’t help you retire early, but an office of 100 will save about $500 on paper per year.
    Send Your useful tips Now »
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