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June 2008

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Chair's Note

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Keith B. McLennan
Chair, GP|Solo Division

Lawyers, Lawyers Everywhere

On August 6th the ABA’s Annual Meeting will take place at Times Square in New York.  We expect over 10,000 lawyers to attend the annual meeting and there is no better place for it. The northeast and mid-Atlantic states contain more than one third of all lawyers in the country. New York State alone has over 150,000 lawyers.  Statistically 63% of those lawyers are our constituents, lawyers in firms of 5 or less.  I am hopeful that at the very least a small percentage of you will attend our portion of the annual meeting chock full of CLE programs such as Diversity in the National and Homeland Security Field, It’s Time for Justice: How to handle Financial Exploitation of the Elderly & Historical Trial: Murder at Madison Square Garden: The High-Tech Trial of Millionaire Harry Thaw for Shooting Architect Stanford White, substantive law committee meetings ranging from Bankruptcy to Elder Law, social events ranging from numerous ABA social events and receptions (you can live for a month on the food and drink you can imbibe at this meeting) and of course, the planning and production of the programs, events, periodicals and publications of the Division.

A center piece to the GP Solo Division’s part of that meeting will be the Military Law Dining Out Ceremony held Saturday evening, August 9th at the Westin Times Square.  If you have never been to a Military Dining Out ceremony, here is your chance. This formal yet irreverent ceremony dates back to Roman legions to second century Viking warlords to King Arthur’s knights in the 6th century, where it flourished in Great Britain who brought it to the colonies where the tradition was adopted by George Washington.  The focal point of the evening is the “GROG” an alcoholic based punch normally of questionable ingredients (such as old socks, boots and pistols) and taste. Where else would you have the opportunity to meet active duty military personnel whose insights into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan allow us to understand events on the ground.  In this era we all should make a point of attending the dining out to honor our men and women in uniform as they engage in the perilous work of establishing the rule of law in this troubled region.  To sign up for the dining out, please contact Laura Ramirez at .



Keith B. McLennan
Chair, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division

Here is a bit of what we have in store for you in New York. Visit our 2008 ABA Annual Meeting Webpage for more information

Solo Day
Friday, August 8

  • Takin’ It To The House:  The Law Firm as Business – Fundamentals of Organizing and Setting Up Your Firm’s Structure and Operation
  • Running With The Big Dogs: How To Eat Well Without Being Swallowed Up—A Primer on Getting Work from Large Law Firms and Corporate Clients
  • The Corporate Counsel Chronicles
  • The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Retirement Planning, Pensions & Estate Planning for You and Your Firm
  • ZAPPED! The New and Complex World of E–Discovery
  • Historical Trial: Murder at Madison Square Garden: The High–Tech Trial of Millionaire Harry Thaw for Shooting Architect Stanford White

Saturday, August 9

  • Bankruptcy Appeals: Which Court, How to Get There, and What To Do Once You Are There
  • GP|Solo Committee Meetings
  • Judicial Clerkships: Navigating the Federal Clerkship Hiring Guidelines and Developing Skills to Succeed on the Job
  • Advising the Small Business Client in Negotiating the Big Real Estate Transaction
  • Elder Law 2008—Expanding an Elder Law Practice

We are adding more CLE every week through co–sponsorship opportunities. Be sure to check our website for the most recent information.

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