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Mar 2008

Chair's Note

There is still time to take a break from your arduous practice by attending our Spring Meeting in New Orleans from May 1–3. Not only will you gain additional tips to help you Simplify your practice, but it will certainly simplify your life… More »


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[Photo of Patricia A. Sexton]
Patricia A. Sexton, Chair
GP|Solo Membership Board
  • GP|Solo Membership Board »
  • In a new feature of the GP|Solo Buzz, each month one of the Division's many hard-working committees will be highlighted.
  • This month we focus on the GP|Solo Membership Board. In addition to working at the core of the Division's mission to improve benefits to GP|Solo members and draw new members into the fold, recently the membership board has added popular live events for law students, entitled "How to Get a Job in a Small Firm"… More »
  • All GP|Solo committees are staffed by volunteer members just like you! To get involved, visit now.

Law Students

  • Featured Article
    Making Time… »
    By Jeremy R. Moss, Esq.
  • For lawyers and law students, time is a precious commodity. For practicing attorneys, the cliché “time is money” is especially true. As pressures of exams for law students, and billable hour requirements for young lawyers loom, it is imperative to find a balance in your life… More »

Buzz Book

  • Tax, Estate and Lifetime Planning for Minors »
    Carmina Y. D’Aversa, Editor
  • Numerous and often complicated issues are involved in estate planning for minor children, including taxation, education funding, insurance, and disability of a minor or a minor's caregiver. Tax, Estate, and Lifetime Planning for Minors focuses exclusively on the pertinent issues facing adults when planning for younger family members. Combining core legal concepts with practical wisdom, it is a handy desk reference not only for the seasoned practitioner but for the general or novice practitioner handling his or her first estate plan. Excerpt & More »


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    Division Chair Keith B. McLennan frequently refers to GP|Solo as the world's biggest law firm, with its network of nearly 30,000 solo and small firm lawyers, general practitioners and law students.
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