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Jan 2008

Buzz Book

This book explores the legal landscape as it relates to lesbian, gay and transgender (LGT) persons today and provides the opportunity to look at issues from the perspectives of those persons.

In addition to case law, statutes and a discussion of legal issues, this book also introduces the reader to people who make up the LGT community and their common issues. It will assist you in developing new ideas of what is possible in your jurisdiction, and identify the legal issues to be successfully challenged. The book is accompanied with a CD-ROM of forms, checklists and sample letters for easy customization.

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Gay and lesbian couples, even though not married, may be able to use a joint trust but must proceed carefully. Issues that arise with these trusts include:

  • Determining any change in property rights if the parties end their relationship
  • Any gift tax concerns
  • Procedure to remove or replace the trustee
  • Authority to amend or revoke the trust
  • Administration of assets
  • Who is entitled to income and principal during the joint lives