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100 Plus Pointers for New Lawyers on Adjusting to Your Job (Downloadable PDF)
Published by the Career Resource Center, Young Lawyers Division
Product code V04OHPZ0
Guides lawyers and law students through what they need to know, from how to work with your new boss to how to keep the copy machine working.
2008 Journal of The Professional Lawyer
Published by the Center for Professional Responsibility
Product code 4620063
Selected papers written for or as a result of the annual National Conference on Professional Responsibility, along with selected speeches
A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, 2nd Ed
Published by the Section of Business Law
Product code 5070601
Focuses not on what provisions to include in a given contract, but how to express them clearly
A Practical Guide to Commercial Real Estate Transactions: From Contract to Closing, Second Edition
Published by the Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law
Product code 5430478
This practical introduction to transactional real estate law bridges the theory and the reality of practice.
Brown at 50: The Unfinished Legacy: A Collection of Essays
Published by the Division for Public Education
Product code 2350213
Attorneys involved in the Brown litigation, current Supreme Court justices, legal scholars, historians, and social scientists discuss the meaning of the famous 1954 opinion that ended segregation in public schools.
Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Strategies for Success from Multicultural Women Attorneys
Published by the Commission on Women in the Legal Profession, Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession
Product code 4920044
A unique, inspirational collection of letters from 44 experienced women attorneys of color to the next generation, outlining various roadmaps for success in the legal profession as a minority woman attorney
E-Discovery: Twenty Questions and Answers
Published by the Section of Litigation
Product code 5310377
Examines recurring issues in the area of e-discovery in an accessible question and answer format
The Effective Associate Training and Development Program, Second Edition (Audio CD)
Published by the Center for CLE, Career Resource Center
Product code CEV05EATC
This second edition of the manual of the same name, along with the audio program, show how to develop and maintain effective training and development programs for associates in small-to-medium-sized firms.
Ethical Issues: 40 Solutions for Litigators (DVD Package)
Published by the Center for CLE, Section of Litigation
Product code V05EIFD
Practicing lawyers, judges, and law professors draw from their experience to discuss ethical issues that have concerned them in their practice and provide practical advice on solving these issues.
Foundations of Digital Evidence
Published by the Section of Science and Technology Law
Product code 5450053
A legal and practical approach to the new world of digital information
Mediating Legal Disputes: Effective Strategive for Neutrals and Advocates
Published by the Section of Dispute Resolution
Product code 5100002
This book combines theory with intensely practical techniques that the reader can use to resolve difficult legal disputes. It provides dozens of examples, drawn from the author's extensive experience, that bring tactical suggestions to life.
Why Didn't the Court Enforce Your Agreement? A Litigator's Advice to Attorneys Drafting Transactional Documents (Audio CD Package)
Published by the Section of Business Law, Center for CLE
Product code CET08WDCC
This program examines transaction documents from a litigation perspective, including the enforceability of attorneys' fee provisions and provisions relating to dispute resolution, forum choice, and indemnity.