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Hot Links, an annotated and periodically updated source list for antitrust lawyers and economists. [Neither The Antitrust Source nor its sponsor, the ABA Section of Antitrust Law, necessarily endorses the sites listed below or any of the content within them.]


From the American Bar Association:
Contains abstracts and tables of contents for the Antitrust Law Journal and Antitrust magazine; links to antitrust-related Web sites; Membership services; committee activities and publications, including newsletters; meeting information and new publications order forms.
From the ABA, its listing of publications on antitrust and other legal disciplines.

From the US DOJ Antitrust Division:
Links to who's who in the Antitrust division, public document, and recent filings.

From the Federal Trade Commission:
Links to who's who in the Bureau of Competition, their mission, public schedules, and documents.

From the US DOJ Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission:
The Horizontal Merger Guidelines, fully searchable and with an interactive table of contents.

From the Antitrust Modernization Commission:
The Antitrust Modernization Commission, created by Congress in 2002, is charged with examining whether there is a need to "modernize the antitrust laws to identify and study related issues" by soliciting "the views of all parties concerned with the operation of the antitrust laws"; evaluating "the advisability of proposals and current arrangements with respect to any issues so identified"; and submitting "to Congress and the President a report."

From NAAG:
The National Association of State Attorneys General (NAAG) with the latest on what States are doing in the antitrust arena.

From FindLaw:
A great source for finding other AT law firms, consultants, summaries of law, cases, discussion groups, and more.

From Cornell Law:
Links to the statutes that bind us and the latest decisions that guide us . . . as well as information on antitrust generally. Includes links to federal and state enforcement and decisions as well.

From Ripon College:
Excerpts from the Supreme Court's debates on antitrust cases up to about 1993.

From Georgetown University Law Center:
This guide is intended to assist with researching domestic antitrust and trade issues. It also has a comprehensive vocabulary of antitrust issues, various links and a bibliography if you like books.
This guide is intended to assist with researching foreign and international antitrust issues. It too has a comprehensive vocabulary of antitrust issues, various links and a bibliography.
An online guide to where to go for researching antitrust issues, including links to various federal agencies involved in antitrust analysis.

Antitrust Policy

From the American Antitrust Institute:
The American Antitrust Institute seeks to increase the role of competition, assure that competition works in the interests of consumers, and challenge abuses of concentrated economic power in the American and world economy. Here's its perspective on antitrust policy.

From the Cato Institute:
The Cato Institute seeks to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to allow consideration of the traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets and peace. Here's its perspective on antitrust policy.

From the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies at Loyola University Chicago is a non-partisan independent research institute whose mission is to promote a consumer-friendly competitive economy through the vigorous enforcement of the antitrust and consumer protection laws.

International Antitrust

Antitrust Encyclopedia:
On-line encyclopedia on competition laws covering 30 European jurisdictions.

From the United Nations:
Thorough set of links to international competition authorities.

From the U.S. Department of Justice
Different from DOJ's homepage, this site provides links to other competition agencies around the globe.

From the EU:
Links to articles in the Commission's Official Journal on Antitrust.
A calendar of events of interest to competition lawyers from the EU.

From the OECD:,2688,en_2649_34685_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
The leaders of the world's major competition authorities provide a source of policy analysis and advice to governments.

From the IBA:
From the International Bar Association: their Antitrust and Competition site, complete with international links
Allows you to click on a region and be linked directly to the most current versions of the world's competition laws, direct links to national competition authorities and international organizations, and articles, speeches, and commentary by world-renowned experts in competition law enforcement, regulation and reform.

From Competition Online:
A site with links to a variety of national competition agencies

From The College of Europe:
The Global Competition Law Center.

The Politics of Antitrust
This is a great site for general information about the legislative process, pending legislation, and links to committees.
The Senate Committee on the Judiciary's Web site. These are the Senators and staffers who are responsible for writing and passing antitrust legislation.

From World News: antitrust and competition articles from around the world.
From ZDNet: antitrust and competition articles from around the world.


Numerous blogs post items about the law and many occasionally post about antitrust and competition law; these three, however, focus on antitrust issues and are updated frequently:
Daily antitrust news and analysis from three practioners and a professor.
Comment and analysis from Professor Shubha Ghosh.
Comments on EC competition law and policy by Professors Damien Geradin and Nicolas Petit.