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The Antitrust Source is a bimonthly online journal for antitrust and consumer protection matters sponsored by ABA Section of Antitrust Law. Since 2001, the Antitrust Source has published original articles, comments, op eds., articles, book reviews, and letters on all facets of antitrust and consumer protection law and economics, with a focus on timely matters of interest to practitioners. The Antitrust Source provides easy access to current developments in the law and literature and links to people and the stories behind them. And it serves as an outlet for viewpoints along the whole spectrum of perspectives. The Antitrust Source is distributed by email to members of the Section and is available to the public at www.antitrustsource.com.

We welcome the submission of unsolicited articles and proposals not previously published elsewhere. All submitted material will be reviewed by our volunteer Editorial Board and, if approved, edited for publication. Submissions should be sent to antitrust@att.net (attention Tina Miller, Executive Editor). Submissions should be no more than 20 double-spaced pages or 4,000 words in length. We will acknowledge email submissions. Decisions on publication are entirely within the purview of the Editorial Board. Once material is accepted for publication, it may not appear in published form, either on the Internet or in any other medium, before it is published in the Antitrust Source. Please see the ABA Copyright Policy for further information on rights to, ownership, and reprinting of materials accepted for publication.

The views expressed in The Antitrust Source are the authors' only and are not necessarily those of the American Bar Association or the Section of Antitrust Law.

Cite articles in the Antitrust Source as follows: Nathan Bush, Oracle Bones: Limited Lessons from China’s Merger Rulings, ANTITRUST SOURCE, Aug. 2009, http://www.abanet.org/antitrust/at-source/09/08/Aug09-Bush8-12f.pdf.

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