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Editor's Note:
By Hugh Hollman

The Revised Horizontal Merger Guidelines: Can the Courts Be Persuaded?
By Leah Brannon and Kathleen Bradish

Will the New Guidelines Clarify or Obscure Antitrust Policy?
By Dennis W. Carlton and Mark Israel

2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines: The View from the Technology Industry
By Susan Creighton

The 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines: A Static Compass in a Dynamic World?
By Jay Ezrielev and Janusz A. Ordover

The Revised Merger Guidelines: Did the Agencies Heed the Lessons of the Past?
By Deborah L. Feinstein

Market Definition, the New Horizontal Merger Guidelines, and the Long March Away from Structural Presumptions
By Deborah A. Garza

Are the New Guidelines Representational Art or Pop Art in the End?
By Ilene Knable Gotts

A Return to Von's Grocery?
By John D. Harkrider

2010 Merger Guidelines: Empirical Analysis
By Jerry Hausman

Including Exclusion in the 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines
By D. Bruce Hoffman and Daniel Francis

Pandora's Box Opened: The New Horizontal Merger Guidelines
By Gary Zanfagna

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