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Seventeen Years Later: Thoughts on Revising the Horizontal Merger Guidelines

Darren Tucker's timely, provocative exploration of proposed changes to the Merger Guidelines — an initiative announced by the agencies less than one month ago — brings together in one place suggested reforms and the background information with which to consider what will become one of the principal antitrust initiatives of 2009-2010.

State Resale Price Maintenance Laws After Leegin

For practitioners who counsel companies in connection with proposed resale price maintenance agreements, Michael Lindsay provides an overview of recent state-law developments and updates his handy chart of state laws bearing on RPM agreements.

Fact Pleading After Ashcroft v. Iqbal: The Implications for Section 1 Cartel Cases

How will Iqbal influence the dismissal of cartel cases? John Landry looks at how courts are likely to scrutinize pleadings in light of this decision and the Court's previous ruling in Twombly.

Outsourcing Legal Services in Response to Antitrust “Second Requests” for Information: The Ethics Implications

Law firms and their clients are facing increasing burdens and costs when responding to HSR Second Requests. Steven Bennett examines the ethical implications of outsourcing the processing of this information.

Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship

Editors John Woodbury and Bill Page review papers by Michael Baye and Joshua Wright on the complexity of federal antitrust cases, Gregory Sidak and David Teece on incorporating dynamic competition concepts into the Merger Guidelines, and Michael Carrier on how courts have applied the rule of reason.

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