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Interview with David Vladeck, Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

In this interview, David Vladeck, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, discusses the possible new Consumer Financial Protection Agency, recommendations to change the FTC's rulemaking authority, data security, and the potential repeal of the Common Carrier Exemption.

Interview with Richard A. Feinstein, Director, FTC Bureau of Competition

Richard Feinstein, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Competition, talks about his background, coordination with other agencies, merger analysis, and recent FTC enforcement decisions, with a special focus on the evolution of "pay for delay" pharmaceutical settlements.

Three Key Principles for Revising the Horizontal Merger Guidelines

Tim Muris and Bilal Sayyed join the debate on how best to revise the Merger Guidelines. Aiming to maintain the flexibility, durability, and utility of the Guidelines, they identify key areas ripe for revision, including revamping current HHI thresholds.

Unilateral Effects for Differentiated Products: Theory, Assumptions, and Research

David Scheffman and Joe Simons cite a lack of empirical support for a key mathematical assumption in unilateral effects models that leads to the conclusion that mergers between differentiated products always cause higher prices, absent sufficient efficiencies.

Antitrust Issues in Clean Technology

Craig Waldman and Peggy Ward acquaint us with the "new new thing" in Silicon Valley: "Clean Tech." In particular, they identify the antitrust issues surrounding the growth of clean technologies.

What Is Superiority? The Role of Completed, Pending, and Anticipated Government Activity in Certifying a Class Action

Steve Malech and Seth Huttner scan the class action landscape to examine whether the existence of a government action precludes a class action lawsuit. They analyze three possible scenarios: where a government action is completed, pending, or merely possible.

Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship

Bill Page reviews Rationality Analysis in Antitrust, a recent article in which Christopher Leslie argues that judges are ill-suited to analyze the rationality of firms' conduct.

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