ABA Health eSource
November 2009 Volume 6 Number 3

WANTED: Authors for Health Law Section Publications

The ABA Health Law Section offers the opportunity for members to be published in one of the Section’s publications. The benefits of writing for Health Law Section publications include the ability to reach over 9,000 lawyers that are interested in health law, the opportunity to educate colleagues and others, and recognition as a knowledgeable author in the field. This is invaluable, especially during the current economic turmoil.

The ABA Health eSource is the section’s electronic newsletter.  Each month, one of the twelve Interest Groups is responsible for publication of two or three substantive articles on subjects related to that Interest Group. Each of the articles is typically between 500 to 1500 words and need not contain extensive references, though citations to authority to the extent required should be included.  The subject matter each month depends upon the Interest Group featured but should be of broad appeal to the majority of membership.  A short biographical sketch of the author and an electronic photograph should be submitted with the article, including contact information.  For more information or to submit an article for consideration for publication in the eSource, contact Simeon Carson at Simeon.Carson@americanbar.org .

The Health Lawyer is the flagship publication of the ABA Health Law Section.  Each month, The Health Lawyer contains four or five articles that are each typically 2,500 to 5,000 words.  Citations to authority, while more extensive than in the eSource, are not as formal as in law review journals.  However, a consistent citation format should be used and the citations should generally be provided as endnotes.  Subjects appropriate for inclusion in The Health Lawyer include articles that analyze current trends, legislation or regulations, or that explain or analyze a specific subject area.  Each submission should be accompanied by a brief biography describing the author’s area of practice and contact information.  An electronic photograph should also be submitted.  For more information or to submit an article for consideration for publication in The Health Lawyer, contact Marla Durben Hirsch at mdhirsch@comcast.net.

In addition to these two publications, other opportunities exist related to books and other publications of the Health Law Section.  Contact Simeon Carson at Simeon.Carson@americanbar.org for more information regarding these Health Law Section publications. 

Recently the Publications Committee emailed a Publications Survey to every member of the Health Law Section. If you have any questions about the survey, or if you didn't receive an invitation and would like to particiapte, please contact Simeon Carson at Simeon.Carson@americanbar.org.

The ABA Health eSource is distributed automatically to members of the ABA Health Law Section . Please feel free to forward it! Non-members may also sign up to receive the ABA Health eSource.