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June 2010 Volume 6 Number 10

Test your knowledge of ABA Member Advantage

AuthorABA Member Advantage has been adding value to ABA membership for nearly 25 years with discounts on products and services that benefit our members and their firms. How well do you know the program? Take this quiz to find out. Answers are below.

1. How many companies participate in the ABA Member Advantage program today?

a.) 10
b.) 17
c.) 20
d.) 23

2. Which of the following is NOT a Member Advantage company?

a.) FTD
b.) Xerox
c.) Apple
d.) Brooks Brothers

3. How many transactions were recorded through the program in 2008?

a.) 50,000
b.) 500,000
c.) 5,000,000
d.) 15,000,000

4. What percentage of ABA members say member discounts influenced their decision to remain members?*

a.) 4 percent
b.) 28 percent
c.) 36 percent
d.) 43 percent

5. True or False: Some Member Advantage discounts are deep enough to cover the cost of belonging to the ABA.

In the years since the American Bar Association forged its first corporate affinity relationship, ABA Member Advantage has grown to encompass about 20 companies that logged more than 5 million member transactions in a single year. That’s a lot of discounts.

ABA Member Advantage companies offer discounts on goods and services members need at work, at home and at play. From office supplies and computers to hotel stays and appliances, the program provides savings on thousands of products from companies that have been carefully selected for their capacity to add value.

Each company must offer a real benefit to ABA members, both in savings and quality, to be considered for ABA Member Advantage participation. The program looks for industry leaders that fit member needs, are available nationally and offer easy access with minimal restrictions to members.

Additionally, companies make significant financial commitments to participate. Not only do they subsidize the costs of marketing the program, in most cases they also provide ongoing royalty payments to the ABA. Last year, royalty payments alone generated nearly $6.5 million in non-dues revenue for the Association. When marketing fees, sponsorships, in-kind donations, car rental certificates, TECHSHOW and Annual Meeting participation and other non-royalty benefits are included, revenue was nearly $8 million.

The most important measure of success, however, is the benefit ABA Member Advantage provides to members. Member Advantage companies are expected to provide excellent customer service as well as attractive pricing. In most cases, companies handle member complaints quickly and effectively. When members are not satisfied, however, ABA Member Advantage staff advocates on their behalf until concerns have been acceptably resolved.

Today, ABA Member Advantage includes 18 companies. The program is subject to constant evaluation, however, and companies are added or discontinued as performance and demand dictate. The most up-to-date list of participating companies, as well as specials and new offers, is available on the ABA Member Advantage website at www.abanet.org/advantage.

The ABA Member Advantage staff also welcomes members’ questions about the program, as well as suggestions for expanding or improving it. Members are welcome to contact Martha Spalding (312-988-5721, Martha.Spalding@americanbar.org) or Tami Behland (312-988-5544, Tami.Behland@americanbar.org) at any time.

ABA Member Advantage truly is the buying power of ABA membership.

ANSWERS: 1. c; 2. b; 3. c; 4. c; 5.T

*Pulse of the Profession 2007


ABA Member Advantage companies

  • ABA Retirement Funds – 401(k) plans for law firms
  • American Bar Insurance – Insurance plans for lawyers
  • Bank of America – ABA credit cards
  • Bank of America Merchant Services – Credit card processing services
  • Brooks Brothers – Professional apparel
  • Dell – Computers for home and work
  • FTD – Flowers and gifts
  • Hertz – Car rentals
  • HP – Computers, printers and imaging products
  • Mozy – Online data backup
  • Office Depot – Office supplies
  • Paychex – Payroll processing
  • Sprint – Wireless voice service
  • Starwood – Hotels and resorts
  • UPS – Ground and air shipping
  • Whirlpool – Brand-name appliances
  • Xerox – Copiers, printers, scanners

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