ABA Health eSource
 September 2005 Volume 2 Number 1

Chair's Column
by Gregory L. Pemberton, Ice Miller, Indianapolis, IN

Gregory L. PembertonThis is the day I dreaded. I have just become the Chair of the Health Law Section and that means . . . The Chair’s Column must be written. Why the dread? Well, two chief reasons. First, there have been so many columns like this written that it is about impossible to say or write anything new. That fact tends to put a chill on any author that usually strives for the fresh and upbeat. Second, these columns can fall pretty close to self parody. The first one can be the rah-rah type where the Chair writes about the excitement and fun we will all have in this new year. The last is the thank everybody one. “I need to thank all the little people . . .” Writing in a formula has never appealed to me and yet readers have expectations. In short, Chair’s Column composition has been something giving me pause.

And yet, there is hope. As I was catching up on my email messages, the solution popped up in the in box. The theme of this month’s eSource is use of technology in the healthcare industry. And what did my tired eyes spy? A prepublication version of an article written by my partner Chris Sears and the talented General Counsel of a client, Vicki Prescott, concerning this very topic. They have collaborated successfully in putting into place an information exchange for providers, researchers, payors and others. They wrote about that experience and even attached a copy of their form of agreement. We attach a link to the article. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

For those of you still reading (that’s the other problem with the Chair’s Column; only your friends and sometimes your family read ‘em), I vow to get over my fears. Yes, I will write more columns. However, if I offend with my modest attempts at wit (some will say “he was half right”) I apologize in advance. But guess what? Unless Adam, Marla, and Jill conspire to silence this silliness, I’ll be back. Seriously, thanks to all for what you do for the Section. Take care.

The Indiana Network for Patient Care: A Case Study of a Successful Healthcare Data Sharing Agreement by Christopher Sears, Esq., Victoria M. Prescott, Esq., and Clement J. McDonald, M.D.