ABA Health eSource
 August 2006 Volume 2 Number 12

Chair's Column
by Gregory L. Pemberton, Ice Miller, Indianapolis, IN

Gregory L. PembertonThis is my last outing in this electronic publication (at least as the chair). So I decided to spend the time thanking a special friend and discussing an incredibly important task. Most of us (if we are lucky) will have one or more mentors. We remember them fondly and more likely than not forget or neglect to thank them as time passes. That is a shame. I intend to fix that as to one of my mentors in this column.

That person is my recently retired partner, Samuel R. "Chic" Born. If you have the good fortune to know him, you are probably smiling broadly right now. Chic is one of those special people that always makes an impression. He is a fine lawyer and advocate. He chaired both the Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Associations. He is a lawyer's lawyer in every sense of the phrase.

But the thing one always remembers about Chic are his stories. He is story teller of considerable reputation. . He has a story for every occasion and can go on at considerable length if encouraged. There is the one about his days in jail on a contempt citation over a labor dispute. He is funny and charming, and can nail the serious side as well.

Chic has been my bar mentor. He was the sage advisor as I became active in the Section. It was to him that I asked "Should I do this?" when a leadership role seemed possible. He always encouraged me and gave sound advice. Whatever success I have had leans heavily on Chic. Any failures are despite his good words.

Mentoring is a rare commodity in today's rushed high tech world. It is harder and harder to take the time to mentor a more junior person. I advocate the process whenever possible and try to lend a hand where I can. I encourage others to see the value of giving back. I hope this little note will remind some of you about this important role. Mentor as you have been mentored. It is worth the effort.

I close with a Chic quote. I do not think it is original, but it was wise and new to me.

"Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like nobody's watching.

Thanks again, Chic. Take care.