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Issue: July/August 2013

Comments from the Chair

Looking Forward

August is upon us. My year as Section Chair is ending, but the FLASH is not the place for looking back at what has been. Rather, now is the time to preview the programs and activities we have planned for the coming year. As a new ABA year begins, I hope my legacy is a membership of the Section of Labor and Employment Law who not only recognize that the Section offers a robust agenda to support every member's professional development, but who also fully appreciate that by attending and becoming more active in the Section, our members will boost the quality of their practice, enrich their professional lives and enhance the Section's offerings.

I urge every member to use this time of year to plan your participation in the Section's rich calendar in the coming year. Here is a calendar of what's happening and when.

August--Early registration for the 7th Annual Section of Labor and Employment Law Conference ends September 13. Don't delay in registering and making hotel reservations. The Conference is the CLE event of the year for everyone who practices labor and employment law, bringing together more than 1,200 lawyers for an unequaled program. Review the Conference brochure.

September--Returning to your fast-paced practice and want to be sure you do not miss the most prompt and insightful live webinars covering important case developments--new legislation, regulations and enforcement initiatives--and other hot topics in our field? Sign up for our monthly webinar offerings. For details on what's coming up soon and how to register, visit the Section's Calendar of Events.

October--In October and November the Section's Student Trial Advocacy Competition will be held at federal and state courthouses in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The Competition involves law school students presenting both sides of an employment case in a three-hour trial. During the weekend, Section members serve as judges and evaluators, observing the students' trial advocacy skills and critiquing their presentations. To learn more about how to join in this rewarding and enlightening program in a region near you, visit the Section's Trial Advocacy Competition website.

November--On November 6-9, we will convene the Section's 7th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Conference features our Supreme Court Labor and Employment Law Review, a slate of programs on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, cconversations with the National Labor Relations Board Members and General Counsel, discussions with Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioners and General Counsel, and presentations by top practitioners who represent employees, employers, unions, government agencies as well as neutrals, in-house counsel and academics. In addition to the substantive programs, our receptions at great New Orleans locations will facilitate good times and networking with colleagues. A full description can be found in the Conference brochure; also see Annual Section Conference Programming Highlights elsewhere in this issue.

December--The full calendar of Committee Midwinter Meetings begins in January. Don't miss the opportunity to register for one or more meetings to get the most intensive exposure to specific areas of labor and employment law that is available. Our Midwinter Meetings sometimes sell out their headquarters hotels, so those who register early can avoid those problems. Every Section member should experience the unique learning experience and camaraderie of our Midwinter Meetings. Details of when and where our 2014 Midwinter Meetings are scheduled can be found on the Calendar of Events.

January--Resolve to start 2014 with a commitment to increase the level of your involvement in the Section. The first step is to provide information about yourself and your interests to the Section's programming leaders by registering on the Section's Diversity Database. This is the Section's invitation to all of its members to become involved in writing, speaking and other activities by letting us know of your interests and qualifications.

February, March and April--Our Midwinter Meetings fill the calendar in February, March and April, with the first meeting of the season at the end of January. Even if you have not pre-registered, it is never too late to decide to go.

State & Local Government Bargaining & Employment Law Committee
January 23-25
Los Cabos, Mexico

Employee Benefits Committee
February 5-8
New Orleans, Louisiana

Federal Service Labor & Employment Law Committee
February 11-13
Washington, D.C.

Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee
February 19-21
Miami Beach, Florida

ADR in Labor & Employment Law Committee
February 20-23
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Committee on Development of the Law under the NLRA
February 23-26
Miami Beach, Florida

Committee on Practice and Procedure under the NLRA
February 26--March 1
Miami Beach, Florida

Occupational Safety & Health Law Committee
March 11-14
Tucson, Arizona

Railway & Airline Labor Law Committee
March 12-14
Coronado, California

Workers' Compensation Committee Midwinter Seminar & Conference
Co-sponsored by Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section (see their committee website for more information)
March 13-15
Chicago, Illinois

Employment Rights & Responsibilities Committee
March 18-22
Los Cabos, Mexico

Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee
March 20-22
Los Cabos, Mexico

National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law
Presented by the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee
March 26-29
Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs), California

Our last Midwinter Meeting is scheduled in May. The International Labor & Employment Law Committee is meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 4-8. Check the committee's plans at International Labor & Employment Law Committee.

May--The Section's Leadership Development Program was designed to provide opportunities to selected participants to become more familiar with the workings of the Section and the ABA. The LDP is an intensive group experience of highly motivated Section members who want to learn leadership skills, be more effective in Section leadership positions, and become future leaders in the Section. The actual program will be presented in July, but applications will be due in the spring.

June--Are clients posing challenging questions and demanding immediate answers? Need to file a brief on a short deadline and want to present the most astute analysis of your position? You should have the Section's treatises at your fingertips so you can be confident that you have reviewed the most comprehensive and unbiased examination of the issues. Whatever your area of labor or employment specialty, we have a treatise that covers your needs. Check out the listing of our Treatises. Also, let us know if you are interested in becoming a contributor to one of our publications.

July--Applications are due in July for the Section Development Fund, which provides fellowships of three years in duration to individuals who would otherwise be financially unable to participate in such activities. The Fellowships cover one committee midwinter meeting and/or one Annual Section Conference per ABA fiscal year (September 1-August 31). Fellowships are announced following the ABA Annual Meeting in August. Access the 2014-2015 Section Development Fund Application Form here.

August--The ABA Annual Meeting will be in Boston in August. Many Section members plan to attend and benefit from the wide range of program presented by many of the ABA sections, divisions and forums. Our Section will present a number of programs on labor and employment law topics that should not be missed by Section members who will be in Boston. For more information about the Section programs to be presented, check out our ABA Annual Meeting Agenda.

We have an exciting year ahead of us, full of opportunities for professional development and activities at destinations where members will learn from experts and have great fun.

My final word is one of thanks to all of the members of the Section with whom I have worked for your support and energetic participation. I urge all Section members to find ways to join in Section programs--and please bring along your friends and colleagues. Your greater involvement will enrich us all.

Stewart S. Manela
Chair, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law


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