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Employee Benefits Committee Newsletter

Issue: Winter 2013

Message from New Co-Chair Todd Jackson

I am excited to follow Thomas Moukawsher, and his remarkable group of predecessors, as the Plaintiffs' Co-Chair of the EBC. The bedrock of this growing, diverse and collegial committee has always been its members, who work hard to provide resources to each other that offer real insights into the practice of employee benefits law.

In that spirit, I am delighted to join a group of Co-Chairs who are committed to that shared goal, and who are also funny, incisive and just plain smart. We will collectively continue to support the excellent JCEB ERISA Litigation and ERISA Basics programs, the Midwinter Meeting, and the Third Edition of the Employee Benefits Law book (referred to simply as "The Book" around my office).

During my years as a member of the committee, I have always marveled at the intelligence, kindness and commitment of the committee members. I appreciate that the EBC provides us all a place where we can engage in vigorous discussions about just exactly where the law stands.

I look forward to serving this remarkable group of people in the next year.

Todd Jackson, Employee Co-Chair

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