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Employee Benefits Committee Newsletter

Issue: Spring 2013

The College of Employee Benefits Counsel Inducts New Members

Perhaps nothing so poignantly demonstrates how far the employee benefits practice has come or how much the world has changed since the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel was formed than recalling that first induction dinner. The date was July 8, 2000 and the location was the Windows on the World restaurant atop New York's World Trade Center. The 151 Charter Fellows and 12 Emeritus Fellows inducted that evening formed the core of an organization that set its standards high and continues to seek out excellence in the multi-disciplinary employee benefits practice.

Since that initial event, the Fellows have annually recognized new members from among a select group of nominees who:

  • Have been engaged in the field of employee benefits for at least 20 years,
  • Have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the development and pursuit of public awareness and understanding of the law of employee benefits through such activities as writing, speaking, participating in public policy analysis, public education or public service, and
  • Have provided exceptionally high-quality professional services to clients

In the subsequent years, the College has grown to more than 375 Active Fellows, all selected by their peers.

As the College grew so did its own contribution to the field. Since 2005, the College has sponsored an annual law student writing competition. Two monetary prizes are offered. One was named for Emeritus Fellow Sidney M. Perlstadt and funded by Fellow Susan Serota. The other is named in honor of Clarin Schwartz who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and is funded by Fiduciary Counselors Inc.

The thirteenth annual induction dinner occurred on September 15, 2012 and the inductees were:

Joseph S. Adams, Chicago, IL

Marla J. Aspinwall, Los Angeles, CA

Kathryn L. Bakich, Washington, DC

William D. Berry, San Francisco, CA

Richard J. Birmingham, Seattle, WA

J. S. "Chris" Christie, Jr., Birmingham, AL

Denise M. Clark, Washington, DC

Ilene H. Ferenczy, Atlanta, GA

Brian H. Graff, Arlington, VA

Constance M. Hiatt, San Francisco, CA

Victoria A. Judson, Washington, DC

Jeffrey L. London, Chicago, IL

Richard J. Pautler, St. Louis, MO

Andrea S. Rattner, New York, NY

Matthew J. Renaud, Chicago, IL

Robin M. Schachter, Los Angeles, CA

Mark J. Ugoretz, Washington, DC

Donald E. Wellington, Los Angeles, CA

Leonard J. Witman, Florham Park, NJ

James A. Wooten, Buffalo, NY

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