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What is the difference between an eBook and a PDF?
ABA eBooks use a .epub file format for an eBook reader application or a dedicated eBook reader. E-Book readers allow for text to potentially be changed in order to make reading on screen easier. By contrast, PDF files tend to maintain strict "print-like" layouts that can be read on screen or printed.

Can I print an eBook?
eBooks are designed to be read on the screen. Therefore, while eBooks can often be printed, it is generally not recommended. A small number of our eBooks may restrict printing through Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Why won't my eBook open?
Our eBooks use a .epub format. While .epub is a widely supported file format, many applications and devices are not designed to work with it.

CLE Credit

Will I get CLE Credit for my meeting?

Review the meeting’s website or brochure for that meeting CLE accreditation information. State-by-state information on accreditation is available. The ABA requests CLE credit for many of its in-person meetings, webinars and some recorded products.  States typically decide on CLE qualification 4-8 weeks after the program application is submitted.  For many live events, credit approval is not received prior to the program.


Write or Speak for the ABA


How do I write for the ABA or participate as a speaker in a CLE program?  How do I submit a topic or program for consideration?

If you are interested in becoming an author or if you have a topic that would make a great ABA book, contact ABA Publishing to learn more or download the Author Guidelines and download the Author Proposal Form.

Contact the ABA Center for Professional Development with CLE topic and speaker recommendations.

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