Happy New Year! The International Legal Resource Center (ILRC) would like to thank you for your dedication to supporting the international development and legal community and its efforts to promote sustainable human development, the improvement of institutions, and access to justice around the world. The ILRC was established in December 1999, based upon the mutual commitment of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the American Bar Association (ABA) to advocate around the world for democratic governance and the rule of law on a global scale. For more than a decade, the project has assisted UNDP as well as several other United Nations (UN) entities and multinational organizations that work in developing countries with legal issues beyond democratic governance. Respect for the rule of law is an essential component of all development initiatives and a prerequisite for the creation of sustainable environments and overall poverty reduction. Continued success would not be possible without your steadfast hard work, and we thank you.

The ILRC, which is housed within the ABA Section of International Law (ABA International), identifies experts for requests relating to technical legal assistance projects, knowledge management and advisory services worldwide. The ILRC also conducts assessments of draft and current legislation, gauging its compliance with international standards where appropriate and provides legal research and substantive advice to governments on policy formulation. The ILRC is continuing to expand its range of capabilities and is flexible in responding to the changing needs of UNDP, other UN entities, multinational organizations and their local partners.

This E-Bulletin shares with you with the latest professional development resources—trainings and guidance materials. These resources are accessible online and have been hyperlinked below for fast and easy access. Of particular mention is UNDP’s Democratic Governance Training. With the assistance of virtual facilitators, three free online courses are provided to improve your knowledge of democratic governance and raise awareness of UNDP’s related strategic priorities. Furthermore, with the fast approaching deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), discourse has centered on accelerating the achievement of the goals and even post-2015 frameworks. This short discussion paper elaborates on how to incorporate democratic governance in the new suggested frameworks.

Lastly, the ILRC is always open to new members. Interested junior and senior experts can email Jacqueline Gichinga at To learn more about the ILRC, please visit our website at The most recent projects are highlighted in the report. We look forward to working with you in 2013 and contributing to the international development and legal community. The ILRC wishes you a prosperous and happy new year!

All questions pertaining to trainings should be directed to the host of each individual training/course. Hosts may not necessarily be the American Bar Association. Please be aware of impending deadlines specific to each training. Additionally, each training/course has different prerequisites and registration may be subject to space availability.

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ABA International 2013 Spring Meeting
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Rule of Law Informational Series

Includes: Past Presentations, Podcasts, Program Materials, and Speaker Bios


The vision of the International Models Project on Women's Rights (IMPOWR) is to build an open and dynamic platform for sharing information on gender equality and women's rights under the law around the world.

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World Bank Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development

The Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development aims at facilitating the identification, discussion, production and/or sharing of innovative and customized legal and institutional tools to address global, regional or national development challenges.


TRACE: How to Use the Tool for Rapid Assessment of City EnergyFREE

Certificate Course in Conflict Analysis
E-learning, Ongoing, & FREE

Certificate Course in Interfaith Conflict Resolution
E-learning, Ongoing, & FREE

Certificate Course in Negotiation and Conflict Management 
E-learning, Ongoing, & FREE

Human Rights Education Association (HREA)
(Ongoing online courses with varied deadlines throughout the year)

Foreign Assistance Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
United States Foreign Assistance
(Ongoing online course)

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation Course
Local Livelihoods
(Ongoing online course with varied deadlines throughout the year)

Democratic Governance Training
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Oslo Governance Center
(Ongoing online course)

Microfinance Distance Learning Course
United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
(Ongoing online course)

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