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Dozens of young lawyers and law students are honored each year through ABA member groups’ awards. These ABA awards recognize public service, professionalism, community involvement in the legal profession, and much more.

Other Young Lawyer and Law Student Opportunities

Career-advancing fellowshipsinternships & clerkships. Professional recognition through awards and writing competitions. Financial assistance like funded travel and scholarships. Each year the ABA offers 100+ opportunities and programs for young lawyers and law students.

Antitrust Law — International Scholar-in-Residence Program

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Antitrust Law
  • Description: This program provides funding for two international scholars per year to visit the United States to pursue their competition policy-related research. Applications are invited from junior faculty members (those who have been engaged in full-time teaching for five years or less) as well as current or recent Ph.D. students who have a demonstrated interest in the study of competition policy. Recipients have been from France, Italy, Brussels, Australia, England, and Norway.
  • Deadline: N/A
  • Who is eligible: junior faculty members (those who have been engaged in full-time teaching for five years or less) as well as current or recent Ph.D. students

Center for Professional Responsibility —SOGI LGBT Public Interest Scholarship Program

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Center for Professional Responsibility
  • Description: The Jeanne P. Gray Diversity Scholarship program was developed to explore ways for the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility to build synergies with national diverse bar associations. The program was developed in memory of Jeanne and her over 30 years of dedication to the ABA and its Center for Professional Responsibility. Each year a national diverse bar association is invited to select a recipient to become a member of the Center’s family and help us explore ways to work more closely together.
  • Deadline: Applications typically close each year in June.
  • Who is eligible: Young Lawyers

Diversity & Inclusion —SOGI LGBT Public Interest Scholarship Program

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Description: In 2019, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Commission announced the inauguration of the ABA SOGI LGBT Scholarship Program, which is aimed at recent law students and/or law school graduates studying for the Bar who are either LGBTQ or who will be working in the LGBTQ space doing public interest work which may include, but not be limited to, working for Community Based Organizations; Non- Governmental Organizations; policy work in a governmental and/or non-governmental setting; doing academic research, teaching or the like; or any other type of program that helps to promote and protect the Rule of Law and the civil and human rights of LGBTQ persons.

    The Scholarship will provide financial support to a first, second or third year law student, or recent law graduate to enable the student or recent law graduate to work in the LGBT public interest arena for the Summer/Fall of 2021. One or more scholarships of up to $5000 each will be awarded annually, subject to the availability of funds and the recommendation of the commission’s Scholarship Committee.

    The objective is to award the first scholarship(s) in time for the recipient(s) to utilize the funds during Summer/Fall 2022.
  • Deadline: Applications typically close each year in April.
  • Who is eligible: Law Students, Young Lawyers

Diversity & Inclusion — Legal Opportunity Scholarship

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Description: Awarded annually to 10-20 racially and ethnically diverse students entering law school for the fall semester of the calendar year.
  • Deadline: Applications typically close each year in April.
  • Who is eligible: entering law students

Intellectual Property — Foundation for Advancement of Diversity in IP Law Sydney B. Williams Scholarships

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Intellectual Property (Offered by FADIPL/ABA-IPL Section makes a contribution)
  • Description: The goal of the Sydney B. Williams scholarships is to increase the number of under-represented minority groups serving as intellectual property law practitioners in law firms and the intellectual property law departments in corporations. Since April 2002, the FADIPL has been awarding a number of $10,000 Scholarships for Minority Scholars as well as arranging internships and mentorships to assist under-represented minority law school students intending to practice intellectual property law.
  • Deadline: Applications typically close each year in March.
  • Who is eligible: Law Students

TIPS (Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Session): The Aviation and Space Law Committee Writing Competition

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: TIPS
  • Description: Are you a law student or LLM candidate currently attending an ABA-accredited law school? Do you have an interest in aviation and space law? If so, this writing competition is for you! Submit a 20-page paper addressing a recent development in any area of aviation or space law or discuss an area of aviation or space law where a controversy or disagreement exist. Entrants are encouraged to write on subjects of national interest, rather than state-specific issues. 
  • Deadline: September 8, 2023
  • Who is eligible: The competition is open to all current U.S. citizen law student and LLM candidates. Membership in the ABA, TIPS or the Aviation and Space Law is not required for participation, though membership is free for all law students. If you are a member of the ABA, please include your ABA membership number with your submission. 

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