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Dozens of young lawyers and law students are honored each year through ABA member groups’ awards. These ABA awards recognize public service, professionalism, community involvement in the legal profession, and much more.

Other Young Lawyer and Law Student Opportunities

Career-advancing fellowshipsinternships & clerkships. Professional recognition through awards and writing competitions. Financial assistance like funded travel and scholarships. Each year the ABA offers 100+ opportunities and programs for young lawyers and law students.

Center for Professional Responsibility —Rosner and Rosner Young Lawyer Professionalism Award

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Center for Professional Responsibility
  • Description: The award recognizes and encourages young lawyers who are dedicated to lawyer professionalism. The award is supported by the Rosner and Rosner Justice Fund and administered by the Center for Professional Responsibility. The fund and award are named by donor Seth Rosner in honor and in memory of his partners, Oscar S. Rosner, his father, and Jonathan L. Rosner, his brother. The award honors young lawyer commitment to legal and judicial ethics, lawyer professionalism, client protection and professional regulation.
  • Deadline: February 28, 2023
  • Who is eligible: Young Lawyers

Environment, Energy & Resources  — Law Student Volunteer Program

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: Environment, Energy & Resources Law
  • Description: Law students can apply to serve as a volunteer at in-person SEER Spring and Fall Conferences. Selected volunteers will receive a conference registration fee waived. 
  • Deadline: N/A
  • Who is eligible: Law Students

State & Local Government Law — Student Awards

  • Sponsoring ABA Entity: State & Local Government Law
  • Description: An awards for academic excellence achieved in a course completed in Land Use Law or Local Government Law. Dean and/or Professor nominates a student and send name to the Section Administrator. Administrator needs: Category of award (land use or government), Students full name, address, address to send award (if different from student address), date the award is needed and contact person at University. Student Receives: Certificate & a Section publication The student's name and school are added to a list that is kept. This list is then sent to the Periodicals Editor to be published in the Fall issue of State & Local Law News.
  • Deadline: N/A
  • Who is eligible: Law Students

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