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How to rewire your brain to be more resilient in your legal career

Jennifer Riggs

Law students and lawyers perform in high-stress situations all the time, whether it’s being called on unexpectedly in class, performing for an interview or oral argument, juggling the demands of a client, a firm, a judge, or opposing counsel – to say nothing of trying to have a personal life.

Practicing law also requires a high level of cognitive control and intelligence. It requires the ability to focus, to problem-solve, to remember case law and facts, to weigh outcomes and make difficult decisions.

And yet, the very stress that is inherent in the law can negatively affect the brain’s ability to think intelligently and to self-regulate.

In this webinar – “Rewiring Your Brain for Stress Resilience” with Jennifer Riggs, a neuroscience coach, speaker, and former lawyer – you will learn: how stress affects the brain; how we can change the brain; how common coping strategies do not serve; and what strategies we can use instead to improve our brain’s stress resilience.

Most of the time, law students and lawyers put their head down and ignore the stress by plowing through it.  It’s a totally understandable strategy, but there’s a better way to help your brain and, ultimately, to support your resilience and well-being.

Finally, you’ll learn some additional tips to support your brain’s capacity for change and stress resilience.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • understand how the brain is affected by stress
  • learn effective strategies for changing your brain to improve performance, resilience and well-being
  • practice applying the strategies
  • learn additional strategies to help the brain rewire for greater resilience


Jennifer Riggs is a neuroscience coach, speaker and former lawyer.  She uses neuroscience and coaching to help people rewire and integrate their brains for greater resilience and leadership. She is trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute and is a member of the International Coaches Federation. She is also certified in neuroscience coaching by BeAbove Leadership. Jennifer studied law at Loyola University Chicago and Fordham University.

After practicing criminal defense, she became a consultant to improve state and local indigent defense systems across the country, working for legal organizations, state and local governments, bar associations, and courts.  In addition to her legal and coaching background, Jennifer is a yoga practitioner of 20 years, a yoga teacher, and a mindfulness meditator. She has put her neuroscience, coaching and mind-body expertise into a framework for change that builds brain integration, resilience, and leadership capacities. Jennifer incorporates her framework into her 1-on-1 coaching program, group workshops and retreats.

She shares her research in her monthly neuroscience coaching blog.