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28th Annual Review Conference

Links for materials and videos from the conference held November 1-2, 2018

CLE Materials

Conference Program | Speaker Biographies

Conference Audio and Video:

Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks | Listen to the remarks

Panel I – Space Law: Issues and Progress | Listen to the panel audio |  Read the Air Force Magazine Article

Panel II – Legal Issues Confronting the Military National Security Law Community | Listen to the panel audio

Luncheon Keynote Remarks from Glenn Gerstell, General Counsel of the National Security Agency | Watch the video of the remarks | Read the Lawfare Article | Read the ABA News Article

Panel III – The 4th Amendment, Surveillance and the Future | Watch the panel video

Panel IV – Reviewing Current Controversies Surrounding Security Clearances | Watch the panel video

Panel V – Ethical Challenges of the National Security Lawyer: A Roundtable Discussion  | Listen to the panel audio

Closing Remarks from Senator Mark Warner -"Balancing Security and Privacy in the 21st Century" | Watch the speaker video | Listen to the speaker audio | Read the ABA News Article

Panel VI – Global Trade and National Security | Listen to the panel audio | Listen to the Cyberlaw Podcast episode

Panel VII – The Movement of Individuals Across Borders and National Security | Listen to the first hour of the panel audio

Luncheon Keynote Remarks from Suzanne Spaulding, Senior Advisor at CSIS - "Foreign Threats to Democracy: A Focus on the U.S. Justice System" | Listen to the speaker audio

Panel VIII – SCOTUS, GTMO, the FISC and More: The Role of the Courts in Shaping National Security Law | Listen to the panel audio

Panel IX – Social Media: 2020 | Listen to the panel audio

Panel X - The Role and Duty of the National Security Lawyer: The Audience Responds | Listen to the panel audio