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Judicial Division

The Judicial Division (JD) is the ABA's home to judges, lawyers, tribal members, court administrators, academics and students interested in the courts and the justice system.


The 2024 ABA Midyear Meeting

Jan 31 - Feb 5, Louisville, KY | Join the Judicial Division at ABA Midyear for the Judicial Clerkship Program and Youth Outreach Program, plus business meetings networking events.

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Judges' Journal | Security in the Administration of Justice

Articles in this issue of The Judges’ Journal provide tools to keep all participants in the courts safe. Security for all stakeholders must be a priority—without competent judicial security, access to justice is denied.

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Women’s Rights Under Siege Around the Globe

By Hon. Delissa Ridgway | Written for the Commission On Women in the Profession's Perspectives | Women’s rights are under siege around the globe, particularly in Iran where women face violence in their quest for democracy, freedom, justice, and the rule of law.

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Enhance your career, expand your network, stay current on latest news and trends, shape the future of the judiciary.

Judicial Outreach Liaison and Judicial Fellows Program

NHTSA in partnership with the Judicial Division operates this Program to provide educational information to members of the judiciary who adjudicate traffic safety cases on evidence-based sentencing practices, criminal justice reform, and reducing impaired driving recidivism.

Our Committees

Share your expertise and enhance your career

The committees of the Judicial Division contribute and assist the initiatives and work of the Division, including opportunities to work on policy proposals, be published or speak at programs.

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Thomson Reuters provides innovative solutions that enable you to efficiently manage your court, in person or virtually, in order to ensure access to justice in your communities. We are the most trusted source for government professionals including state, local and federal government and counted on to provide solutions with unrivaled breadth of domain expertise, trusted content, and intelligently connected technologies.

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Contact the Judicial Division at 800.238.2667 x 5687. See our staff list for specific Division staff members and other key contacts within the ABA.