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Resource Guide for Coalitions: Navigating Anti-Trans Rhetoric & Discrimination as Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Dual Coalitions

This Guide discusses the effects that anti-transgender laws have on transgender and nonbinary survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and how coalitions can build their own capacity to navigate these laws, while they support member organizations in navigating them.

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Prosecutor Guide to Jury Selection in Cases with LGBTQ+ Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

This Guide is designed to support prosecutors in drafting jury selection questions and related motions in limine to help you address anti-LGBTQ+ bias among potential jurors.

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Guide to Case Selection Criteria

Case selection criteria are factors a law office uses to decide whether to accept a case for representation. This Guide will help legal organizations develop a process to think through the factors they will use. This Guide is available in English and Spanish.

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Prosecutor Guide to Best Practices in Cases with LGBTQ+ Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Stalking

This Guide provides introductory information and best practices for prosecutors working on cases involving LGBTQ+ victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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Bankruptcy for Survivors

Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows people who cannot pay their debts to get a financial fresh start. Our Bankruptcy for Survivors publication provides an overview of the bankruptcy process and benefits for attorneys working with survivors. The guide outlines the various processes for filing for bankruptcy, as well as important considerations to discuss with your client as you work together, such as safety planning, the interplay with divorce and immigration, and survivor confidentiality.

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Model Legal Services Agreement

The Model Legal Services Agreement (also known as a retainer agreement) is intended to serve as best practice guidelines for attorneys representing victims of gender-based violence, and helps set the framework for trauma-informed, client-centered representation. The model agreement and accompanying materials will help organizations reassess and update their existing legal services agreement, and serves as a valuable tool for organizations creating a legal services agreement for the first time.

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Representing Battered Respondents Under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

This Practice Guide is intended to assist attorneys and domestic violence victim advocates in their representation and work with battered mother respondents in the United States in cases filed under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

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Standards of Practice for the Supervision of Domestic & Sexual Violence Attorneys

These Standards of Practice for the Supervision of Domestic & Sexual Violence Attorneys arise from a trend that the Commission has noticed in recent years: attorneys representing domestic and sexual violence victims often do not have adequate supervision. In response to this concern, the Commission convened a steering committee, comprised of twenty domestic and sexual violence attorneys from across the country. Developed and peer-reviewed by supervising attorneys, these Standards offer a best practice guideline for the successful supervision of domestic and sexual violence attorneys in both legal and non-legal settings.

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Recommendations for Improving Campus Student Conduct Processes for Gender-Based Violence

Designed for higher education professionals, these Recommendations provide an evidence-based and peer-reviewed guide to adoption, revision, and improvement of campus student conduct processes and policies addressing gender-based violence to ensure a safer learning environment for all students.

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Workable Solutions for Criminal Record Relief: Recommendations for Prosecutors Serving Victims of Human Trafficking

The Commission convened prosecutors with experience working with victims of human trafficking in the criminal legal system to share their knowledge and expertise on criminal record relief practices, and to develop a set of guiding principles for prosecutors on criminal record relief for victims to ensure consistency and reliability for survivors attempting to access criminal record relief.

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